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On 4/23/2021 at 10:29 PM, afreakofnature said:

Yes SD was super detector and SDC was super detector compact, at least from my basic research.  I always assumed the SDC was an SD in a compact form.  I am not sure what the GP stands for on the old ones or the added X.  I assume the Z in GPZ is for Zero Voltage Transmission.  I don’t think they were named based on there looks otherwise the GPZ should have been named the CTZ since it looks just like the CTX3030.  The prices though can not be coincidental with the name in US dollars but sure is interesting that the Equinox models, Vanquish models and now thhe GPX6000 are pretty much spot on. 😂

I think the CTX3030 was named after the famous Winchester lever action rifle using 30.30 bullets that won the west. Just a guess on my part. Have no inside knowledge.


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