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GPZ Nuggetfinder 12” Vs GPX 6000 11”

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I am starting this thread to ask the folks who have used both to give their thoughts, opinions, comparisons and experiences with both.  I have only seen JP and Rob post on the Nugget Finder coil and have only seen it in action on the Outback Gold Fever Channel.  We all know that the 6000 blows away any competition with weight and ergonomics, but would still like to know if it gets any closer to this with Z and the 12”. 

Performance wise is really what I am after and these two sizes are only an inch apart, but 2 different techs.  I am on the fence, do I buy a new coil for my Z or sell/save for a 6000?  I am truly in the middle on this based on my terrain, age and gold I am after.  
My terrain: is the woods and broad gulches.  There is always overburden and vegetation so I need the power to bust through that to get to the start of the bedrock erosional surface and hopefully close bedrock.  However, wearing a harness does not work and is cumbersome for detecting in this environment, its never flat so you never feel the help from a bungy, its pointless for this area.  
My age: is 45 and I can go about 5-6 hours max before being whipped, thats not just from detecting but digging and hiking in and out too, so I know as age goes on the hours will be less but new tech could come out too.  
My gold: is sub grammers, that is the majority.  We have hit larger pieces but the bread and butter is sub grammers and the Z is getting them through all that overburden but I am not sure if the GPX6000 would.

So my “dream” detector would be ZVT tech in a compactable SDC form with interchangable coils, light and ergonomic.  Is that to hard to ask? 😂😂😂😂

So, in the interim, it’s either a lighter coil for the GPZ that supposedly is more sensitive and can get a little deeper and reduce the weight for non bungy users OR a new detector that is lighter, that is also more sensitive at least on surface gold, that we have seen so far, but has the possibility as more reviews come out to see if you can actually hit small gold at depth like a GPZ.  Can’t have both, the coil I could afford, The GPX would require selling off the Z.  I also don’t have the ability to drive to the closest dealer that would have both in AZ.  Thats a two day drive one way.  So please, if you may, would love feedback on this vs the two.  In the end it sure helps me out and probably many others too.  Thanks!

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A buddy of mine bought a 6000, we might do some exploration this winter in new parts of AZ so I should get a good idea of how it performs compared to my various X Coils, of which I own a 12" (and many others, including concentrics) and I assume this X12 is similar if not slightly better than the Z Search 12. 

So, if no one answers before then, wait about 8 months and I will. :laugh:

From what I've seen of the 6000 from reviews, that's what I'd be using in the Black Hills personally because there isn't a whole lot of competition up there where every iota of performance gain counts (compared to AZ anyways), and there are a lot of picker to sub gram nuggets. The 6000 is clearly equaling or outperforming the 7000 on the sub-gram stuff from what I'm seeing, at any depth.

That said, I have to believe there is something new in the ZVT realm coming out eventually. The "GeoSense-PI" thing sure seems to indicate that "GeoSense-ZVT" (ZeoSense?) is on the horizon to me, combined with the patents I've read and the investor presentation saying 5 new products are in development right now. And I love my 17" round and 8" X Coils quite a lot, if I could use them with a better ZVT machine then heck yeah, sign me up and I'll buy that instead of the 6000. If not then I'm allllllllllmost tempted to sell my Z and get a 6000 based on what I'm seeing so far, but not quite yet until I see what the future holds.

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to GPZ Nuggetfinder 12” Vs GPX 6000 11”
7 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Good chance Jason and I may hook up before then so Jason can use my 6000 and compare to his gear. So if nobody answers, wait a month instead of eight. :smile:

The GPX 6000 can hit sub grammers as good or better than a stock 7000. But I guess you need to see it with your eyes. Sure, you can put a Nugget Finder or X Coil on your GPZ to get it up to 6000 performance. If that's the question, then getting the Nugget Finder or X coil is the way to get there.

Nice I will look forward to a month ( or 8). 😁

Yeah i like to see, feel, touch, research, over research, and then have a massive internal debate with myself before making the plunge.  I am definitely Thomas who must feel the holes before making the leap of faith. 😂  So I really do appreciate all the input from you guys!

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20 hours ago, jasong said:


19 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:


The GPX 6000 can hit sub grammers as good or better than a stock 7000. 

The 6000 is clearly equaling or outperforming the 7000 on the sub-gram stuff from what I'm seeing, at any depth.


Not to be rude but you guys are both saying the 6000 is "as good or better on the small stuff".....can we be more clear then that 😄 I mean which one is it

1. as good as the 7000 on the small stuff 

2.  better then the 7000 on the small stuff 

From what I'm seeing it appears to be better then the 7000 on the small stuff no? 


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Here is a YT video on the 12" Z Search coil vs 14" GPZ coil.



Some of the latest FB postings by Jen Walsh with her new GPX 6000 on Chicks with Picks Australia-

From Wayne Barry :  I walked over my 34 grammer a foot deep on at least 3 occasions with GPZ7000 and 12 inch nugget finder coil and didn't hear anything. But tonight checking out an old favourite spot .a boom beautiful sweat gold tone loud and clear .GPX6000. 30 gold targets since Saturday arvo I'm with Jen on this note .my new go too machine

Wayne Barry
  Absolutely �� everything found today had been gone over with a 7 , 45, 23 .. nothing ✌��
The 6000 has opened up the ground ��⛏
Jen Walsh Chicks with Picks Australia



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From Jen Walsh's FB page:
The GPX 6000
From day 1 I was skeptical with a hefty price tag of $8000.. 🤔
Needed to prove itself to me to justify its existence....
My opinion for those interested ✌🏻⛏🙌
Firstly WOW.......👌
The weight of this machine is incredible in itself ..
Balancing well off one finger with no effort,
Hit the on button and your ready to go in seconds.
Easy / Difficult ground button one touch .
Clear display screen Easy to read and understand. Manual with threshold on or Auto without 🙌⛏
Swing this all day no problems at all
On gold
It’s been deadly every time out the deepest roughly 60cm .
On horrible slatey noisy ground where the 45 had me digging ground noises , the 6000 pulled out 6 gm ..!
Had a few species in the mix .
Have had it over some ground I’ve been over heavily and pulled more gold out of .
So for me it’s been incredibly impressive..
And I’d recommend them to anyone 👌⛏❤️
It’s ticked every box so far for me ⛏👍
What ever you swing enjoy your time out there ⛏🙌
We sure do 🤩🙌
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12 hours ago, strick said:

Not to be rude but you guys are both saying the 6000 is "as good or better on the small stuff".....can we be more clear then that 😄 I mean which one is it


From what I'm seeing it appears to be better then the 7000 on the small stuff no? 

You are seeing the same videos and reading the same reports as me Strick. I don't own a 6000, I wasn't a tester on it either, just watching the same vids as everyone else.

What I've seen has lacked sufficient target/setting/ground info and variety to make a more specific statement. Especially since the gold I detect for tends to be much more spongy or crystalline, and the ground I work tends to be much more mild or salty than what I'm seeing in the Aussie vids. I also run way hotter settings than most Aussies seem to post, even in hot ground.

What I have seen enough to conclude though, is that if I didn't already own a 7k with an array of coils, I would be buying that 6k right now. I still might buy one too. 


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An extra bit of info into the mix:

 For context, Joe has been a detector prospector for about 40 years (same as me) and knows his stuff and has owned his 7000 since 2015. For the smaller gold, there doesn't seem to be much between the 2 'high end' ML units. I'm sure the bigger targets will validate the 7000 though, and the tiny stuff (under .1gm) will be the 6000's territory.

A friend owns a 6000 and yesterday I cross-tested a few in-ground and undug targets (6 in total) against my modded 4500 with 9" elite coil. Only 1 target I couldn't hear which was a small bit of lead shot, just beyond my reach. 2 of the targets were tiny gold, rest were lead shot and we both got them with almost identical signal 'strength'.  He used the std 11" mono. It made me think twice about upgrading although I'd need to do a lot more cross-testing to be sure. He had lots of EMI problems and had to run cancel procedures many times while my modded 4500 was running Tx @ 75% and Rx @ 6 on Enhance & max frequency with zero EMI problems. It ran totally quiet without any EMI cancel procedure. At some stage soon, I'll do a much larger testing regime and video it. Nuthin like undug targets to truly test 'whats what' 😉

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