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X Coil Questions

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44 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

this dumb Alaskans perspective,

 Dumb Alaskan!? When I learn so much from a "dumb Alaskan" it must put me in the "idiot and dumb Californian" class.

I couldn't agree more with your post. 

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I posted this over 18 months ago re: the QED. I'd also previously posted about audio, Bluetooth & ground balancing issues elsewhere too but some of those issues had been or were reportedly being addressed.

I was widely attacked & ridiculed by some QED users, some dealers + those close to the "project" (I call it a project because the build has a project type feel & it's still evolving by the reports?). Other QED users thanked me privately for saying what they wanted to but felt they couldn't for one reason or another.

Funny how things turn out & the truth prevails in the end! 

I was at times outspoken about concerns over the GPZ adapter too. Probably reacted to some of the "damage control" in a pretty blunt manner which was rightfully moderated (sorry Steve).

I think where issues or possible risks exist it should be able to be discussed openly without the fear of being attacked, ridiculed or having a damage control team go into action to discredit real concerns. As should the positives of those same products. Gives people a chance to weigh things up with the broader picture of things.

Thank you Steve!


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Don’t be afraid to post the truth and don’t be afraid of internet bullies.  I’ve said this a couple times but everybody who likes to bully people on the Internet think they’re a big person behind a keyboard. That persons would never say it to my face or yours knowing the consequences.  

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People should be up front and honest...unfortunately people sometimes arnt ...yes I said arnt    they will mislead others for personal gain..like getting a stupid detector coil for free.......if I had more time to screw off looking for gold I probably would have bought one or two x's but thankfully I still have to work for a living and have discovered that the gold here is shallow and plentiful...but when I get tired of it I'll go play in the dirt. 


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46 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

What I did not like was the fact that you have to take a perfectly good coil, and use it to create an adapter. The process is not simple, and if done incorrectly can fry a GPZ 7000.

This where I stand on X coil, Steve you have made a claim here I believe, no sorry to disagree, I know is incorrect I say know because I`ve made 2 and thus have experienced the DIY part of making the cable. If you are competent with a soldering iron and capable of following the instructions that came with your X coil it is a simple process that simply requires care and understanding of instructions. If you are not competent with a soldering iron and not capable of following DIY instructions don`t do it, tis simple as that. The patch cable to me was a simple DIY operation, but I love and have a passion for DIY 

To blame someone else because they are capable of such and thus portray it as being such when you prove to be not capable is your personal option. I applaud you for having a go but I don`t applaud you for blaming anyone but yourself, in particular I don`t applaud people who have not experienced the making of the cable saying any more in the X coil threads then it is not for them. The only people I believe who were ridiculed in this saga were the X coil enthusiasts of which I am one, plus the skullduggery and drama came from others not from X coil enthusiasts. 

My use and success with the X coils as productive gear that raise the Z another level was tempered by my experience since the late 70s to 98 as a hobbiest from 98 to now as this is what I do for life plus catch barras, camp out and enjoy my backyard. The X coils I have, have paid for themselves many times over as have most of my gold detectors and accessories since year dot. 

What the Z coil Saga on DP has taught me is I can not be bothered giving my views on products on DP again. This is my perspective go ahead folks and ridicule my perspective all you like, the weight in my pocket offsets such and I really think that is the nitty gritty of those who ridicule others success, thus I say to those of you who have not experienced the X coil in a positive manner, who have never used a X coil, don`t be envious of those who are positive about them.

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Jeff, agree with you totally on two counts. one. don`t make a patch cable if your not comfy or capable of doing so and two I`ve not used a QED so I cannot comment but I will not attack you because you do use a QED and speak positively of it.

Steve, of course it is your forum and of course you copped shit over X coil, but you weren`t the only one. I cannot be accused of shit fights on OZ forums as yours is almost the only forum I post on except for one that now seems to have been vacated by shit stirrers. But if my stating my perspective on your forum is not welcome please just be direct and say so, I`ll move on reluctantly because I`ve enjoyed my time here, sadly I`ll exit but with no drama. If my content is not welcome here say so, you know my content as I`ve been here awhile thus are informed.

Whoops Chase you got in before I`d submitted, exactly I understand Steve`s point.

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