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Not A Good Sign That You Are Going To Have A Good Day At The Beach...

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I have sent an e-mail to Felix at FT with these pictures.  Hopefully they just send me a new rod ASAP.  This is what happens when you hunt wet sand and California surf.  Or it could just have been a poor quality made rod.  Hoping for that latter as the wet sand California surf is the only place I have to use the Impulse AQ and don't want to have to worry about this again.




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Cuniagau, man that sux. I feel your pain. I hope Felix is on top of this for you !
I agree with midalake. I also have already read of others breaking. In my opinion the clevis shaft should be a bit longer and if they are hell bent on pins for movement go with only the top pin. It clearly broke at the pin. I think I read they were going to fill with epoxy but just like your bones the tube should be stronger hollow. Not to cast sand but Minelab has the strongest ISO rod going I think. Longer insertion into shaft, and no pins. Maybe a different type plastic or nylon composite. I have heated and removed many Minelab clevis to reinstall in longer CF lower shafts I make and only use waterproof epoxy to cement in place. Clearly they have an issue that they should look at. JMHO . Good luck everybody and super moon getting tides off well here in Virginia.


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They just need to use a better plastic formula. They should have used Marelon. It's pretty much unbreakable.


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You got it to the right person it seems.

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Mine broke just like yours during the minus tides. I did a quick repair until the new one arrived. Wooden dowel, epoxy and nylon nut and bolt. Good luck hunting!

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They should have just glued that post instead of running a pin through that causes a weak spot. Even though that post is solid it is still just plastic.

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Yikes! Thanks for posting the failure, now I'm a little worried since I've been hunting the wet sand hard all month and I sweep the sand with my coil. I think I'll order an extra rod for back up just in case..

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      Mailed my detector to California today. Going to find out why it won’t turn off at times or won’t turn on at times outdoors in 80+ degrees. Indoors 70 degrees works like it should. I will post the results.
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      Walked down to the local watering hole; brackish water bay tributary, pretty well cleared out over the years but a bit trashy with bits of iron. Ran delay 7, sensitivity 7, threshold 4, volume 8, ATS 6.5, reject 6; mostly all metal but some tones and mute to check targets.
      Initial reaction is that it is a little easier to hear the edge modulation with the 8 inch than with the big coil. I walked away from several targets that were very pronounced double tones then had a more subtle edge that I told myself to walk away … but dig to verify. That was the little fish hook. The odd shaped washer, to the right of the fish hook, fooled me; it sounded pretty good in all metal and in tones. The rest of it is all non-ferrous. Some of the small targets fell through the scoop several times before I finally capture them and got them in the pouch. This set up finds fairly small targets well. Tones seem to be more pronounced to me with this coil than with the big coil with some similar settings, yet I think I still hear iron better in all metal than in tones ... maybe some setting tweeks would change that around but I'm pretty happy in all metal.
      I did have an interference issue. A boat about 100 feet from me fired up and the AQ talked and talked. Stepped through the frequencies and no help there. I was shallow enough the detector head was above water so I went deep where the detector electronics were well under water and, surprise to me, that did not help either. Dropping the sensitivity down to 2 made it usable. Once he lowered the boat lift, backed off and motored away I could turn the sensitivity back up and hunt with a very quiet AQ.
      Did have a great blue heron land on the beach and walk into the water. Got about 30 feet away from me so I stayed still and watched it turn its head looking for minnows, catch and eat them. After a few minutes it walked around the beach corner towards the boat lift then flew about 2 hundred yards down the water.
      A good afternoon in the water.

    • By Mikeguard01
      Didn't get out this past week since I was under the weather.
      Started out with the detector being really unstable. Water got into the coil connector. Blew the water out of the connector and tightened the back-shell and everything was good to go. I also have noticed when I'm in shallow water she's a little noisy and a lot of falsing (water way below the connector). She's pretty stable when completely covered. I do run my machine hot in all metal.
      One old beach I hunt always has sand piled in to the one side. No sand movement in this area other than more accumulation. For years I said there has to be targets just out of detection range. Well not for the AQ. I did find a few targets in this area. I had to work slow since these targets were pretty close to the depth limit and I was running hot. A few pieces of crusty Silver and a nice 10K ring dated 1946.

    • By cjc
      Really liking the audio information of this detector.  If anyone wants to look around there's a great video on the reactivity that shows what it will do.  Seeing this showed me how differently the machine is responding well to elongated targets if you change your sweep direction, "feel" around and listen for the double tone  or anything that is not centered.  For a pulse I dig very little with this detector.  While there are certainly hoop earrings, crosses and other targets that would probably sound similar, overall the potential is there to really develop some accuracy.  I also like how it "discriminates" between non ferrous and anything that's blending into the ground--including caps (wide / narrow).  My beach is very sanded in now but the potential for getting 20" gold with this machine is very exciting.  The video shows that  its a detector that learning and using your basics with will pay off. 
    • By okara gold
      I've been using the 8 inch coil exclusively in the salt water for about 18 hours now. It is definitely quieter than the 12.5 inch. I am running with a delay around 8 or 8.5 and today 9 because of some bigger swells coming in right up against the shore. Played around with some higher delay settings and things quiet down even more. If walking parallel to shore in the water, there is still some "noise" when sweeping from the shallows to deeper water as can be expected. Coming back from deeper to shallow...all is quiet.  Coil sweep speed and height control still play a key part in keeping the threshold smooth. It seems more sensitive to smaller objects and some iron will still give a double blip in all metal. Sensitivity was set at 6 and ATS around 5.
      I'm wondering... Say you run the big coil with a delay around 11 and the small coil with a delay around 8... which one would have better punching power on ring size objects?
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