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My Moded Teknetics 7500+


- Custom decals with George Paynes visual signature
- Boosted Sensivity
- Li-ion batteries 1600x2400 mAh, charging from USB Type-C
- Removable Depth/Battery meter (no need to use it)
- All done to make it light (weight 1,5 kg with shaft)

I found Tek 8000 (same as 7500 but with 9 tones), strange feeling to sell... but it must have new owner. It is one of the best MDs that I used with great Discrimination (iron rejected but not losing gold coins). Ideal for hard ground, 4 filter system sees low conducted targets even with mono coil in VLF Disc mode. It has super deep static VLF MAX mode for All metal and TR Disc mode for trashy areas


- Metal detector
- 8" Mono coil 6,6 kHz (fits larger Bounty Hunter, Fisher F2/F4 and older Teknetics and White'scoils for better depth)

Located in Ukraine, Kyiv

220$ + shipping to US 45$, Europe 25$














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    • By oneguy
      I've got a 6000 on the way and I believe I'll no longer need the SDC so I'm going to offer it up for sale.  $2600tyd gets you everything in the pic plus approximately 1.5yrs warranty left.  You'll like the Coiltek 5x10.  Also included is the adaptor kit and instructions.  Headphones didn't work from the factory and Minelab sent these new ones that I've never used except to see if this pair worked (they did).  Bought new from Rob's.  Shoot me a PM if interested, lower 48 only.....

    • By V3i/MXT Pro
      This detector is in excellent condition and has only been used in the field once... It’s like new! It comes with display and control box covers, instruction manual and box. At this point, you would be hard pressed to find a nicer one. Additional photos available upon request. One time price drop to $425 (was $450) Shipped CONUS.

    • By HotSauce
      Another terrific placer gold nugget directly from the California Motherlode Region in the Sierras.
      This beautiful piece of gold was recently found with the help of a metal detector near Mariposa. It weighs 5.4 grams and has wonderful color and character. It will be a great addition to anyone's gold stash!  350.00 Includes Shipping

    • By HotSauce
      An awesome 100% natural placer gold nugget from California Motherlode Region made famous by the 1849 Gold Rush.
      This beauty was recently found with a metal detector in Mariposa County in the Whitlock mining district. It weighs 4.4 grams and has great color and character! It has a shape of a horn or tooth..Buy with confidence this is the nugget you will receive. 288.00 Includes Shipping  

    • By Rick N. MI
      Has Ultimate 13" coil and 15x18 coil.

      It goes deep. $475 shipped.


    • By ysabxe
      If someone want's Moded and Tuned BIG BUD+ (Radio Shack Discovery 2) you can get it
      Perfect MD to find coins in medium soil without digging iron. Just turn it and go listening for 3 tones. After Sens. Boost depth in Disc. is equal to All metal (not in hard ground). Also it has GB in Disc. mode so it goes much deeper on cooper coins than any Big Bud Pro
      - Custom decals with George Paynes visual signature
      - Boosted Sensivity
      - Removed Depth meter
      - All done to make it light (weight 1,1 kg with shaft)
      - Metal detector
      - 8" Mono coil 6,6 kHz (fits larger Bounty Hunter, Fisher F2/F4 and older Teknetics and White'scoils for better depth)
      Located in Ukraine, Kyiv
      150$ + shipping to US 25$, Europe 15$

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