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Wonder how much good stuff I skipped because it sounded like big iron :0

Wasn't it last year or year before someone in Poland ended up in jail and they took his ace away for detecting? Their rules are undefined on what you can detect so guessing these guys somehow got permission.

Thanks for sharing.

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19 hours ago, kac said:

Wasn't it last year or year before someone in Poland ended up in jail and they took his ace away for detecting? Their rules are undefined on what you can detect so guessing these guys somehow got permission.


I've read lots of show & tell posts, coming from Poland.  So it's can't be illegal there.  As in ... some sort of "border to border" law.  So whatever you're alluding to must be someone who was in a distinct singular off-limits place.   Not that "all md'ing in Poland is a no-no"


There's been attempts made (you can find them on the net) to create compendiums for all the countries of Europe.  Where you can simply look up any country there in Alphabetic order.  Genius idea, eh ?   But oddly, even those countries with "dire sounding verbiage", have hobbyists.  Even dealers in the major cities, etc....  Being the devil's advocate, I asked one of the guys, from one of those countries with "dire sounding language", :  "How do  you do it ?"  And I linked him to the web-link.


He said that what those links/lists don't take into account, is that whatever laws they're citing are for public land.  And have no bearing on private land.  So farmer Bob can do WHATEVER THE HECK HE WANTS on his own land.   Or .... quite frankly, ... the guy told me that they're typically so-far back in the forests, that .... well .... there's no one around to care, in the first place.  🙄


An example would be like this :  If you were to call some USA bureaucrats and archies here, and ask "Is it ok to metal detect in the USA ? ", you might get told "no".   Because perhaps they're couching their answer in terms of ARPA (which, BTW, only applies to fed land. Not "all public land").   So you might, in fact, find someone here who thinks all md'ing in the USA is a no-no.   See ?  It just depends on who you ask, what they envision, and how you phrase the question. 


Thus I put little stock into these compendiums.  Sometimes you have to read between the lines.   And the rare flukes of someone getting roughed up, can be isolated flukes of someone who wasn't practicing an ounce of common sense.

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    • By CVISChris
      Second day on the small flat but this time with the DEUS..   It pulled a few good targets using Fast with the XY screen.  The Mexican Real and the pistol tool were maybe an inch apart and the DEUS heard them both.  The more I use the Deus the more I like it.  Cool two piece button in 3 pieces was just under the grass.  I am having trouble reading the date on the coin so maybe somebody can see better than me?  

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      Spent 4 days in Nevada last week and hit 4 different places that consisted of a Military Fort and 3 ghost towns all on private property. Found a nice assortment of stuff. Coins are pretty crusty but should clean up OK. The holed looking coin turn out to be a ration token that has been counter stamped a bunch of time. It reads U.S, Subsistence Department on the one side and had One ration on the other.

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      I'm camping in NC this week, a new campground that is on a remote island in the Currituck area. It's really an old campground that got a facelift from a big company. Did a ton of research (history, maps, aerials) before coming, they implied on the phone that metal detecting was ok here.
      Talked to some folks after scouting the place, it's over 400 acres of woods, marsh and shoreline that really doesn't have a beach except for about 50 feet at the end of a bulkhead. Got permission to pretty much do what I want from the management, really nice people. They pointed me to where an old farmhouse once stood:
      I brought my less intimidating shovel and promised to show them what I found. This place has been hunted by some YouTube personalities, I'm going to find their video if I can. The ground is similar to my landing back home and cuts like butter.
      Got pretty much skunked at the farmhouse in the 2 hours I was there, had to put on 100% Deet to keep the deer flies, mosquitoes, black flies and midges off me. The not so smelly stuff wasn't working.
      My trash was what I expected for the most part, can slaw, some brass, steel and other aluminum bits. Strange was the lack of much iron here. Everything was coming up in the 10-36 range! I was in all metal. Maybe I was just ignoring the iron.
      Got an "O" from either a Ford or Oldsmobile.
      Managed to dig 3 Zincolns, all 70s from when they said the house was pulled down. Odd too that they were all ID'ing from 22-26!
      Going to hunt the "beach" and may go in the water along the bulkhead. I'll probably go back to the farmhouse area if it gets a bit cooler.
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      I have been progressively working a Victorian era house site over the last week or so with the Deus and 9" HF coil, previously it had been detected with my Explorer SE Pro several years back, though obviously not thoroughly enough.  The oldest coin so far off the site was from 1862, though more desirable are the dog registration tags which are considered quite rare and fetch a decent price (not that I would ever sell them).  So far only one silver, an 1884 threepence.
      The soil here is also very sandy and drains well, leaving many of the finds in very good condition - some of the dog tags look like they were dropped yesterday and you can achieve some pretty good depths even with the 9" coil fitted.  Hope you enjoy the pics.

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