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Agree that this sounds like a loophole.  I really hope there is some merit to it, but it reads like one of those clickbait advertisements that say "Dentists don't want you to know this one secret because it will put them out of business!"

Like I said, I really hope to get in the water again, but I will wait and see what the news is. 

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For all the text they wrote they could have included an example of the methods they allude to. I am not bashing PLP, they have done an incredibly good job on legal affairs, and I have a lot of respect for them. But they could have done a bit more than tease dredgers.

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I guess it's not surprising that many are suspicious or disappointed in this article, a sign of the times. Instead why not view it - celebrate it - as a necessary step that is being attempted? Something that up to now, no-one has been willing or able to do. 
Should setting out the successful points they have accomplished be characterized as "teasing" dredgers? Or, are these necessary steps that have to be taken on behalf of all of us in order to overturn the ridiculous restrictions that have been placed on recreational dredgers? 
I guess time will tell. 

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Looks like a membership drive. Gotta be a member to get the secret instructions.

I've followed PLP since they were founded and contributed for many years. They have several dedicated members who I'm sure have recreational miners interest at heart.  I've just got to ask though - does anyone know of a single court case they have won?

I support Mountain States Legal Foundation now. They have pursued and won several major mining cases for small miners.

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    • By Alex_Sor
      Gold mining underwater, offshore
      I have a dream 🙂
      I want to build an underwater vehicle for gold mining (washing) underwater, in the coastal area of Alaska and other places.
      Background: I am a former Submarine Engineer, mechanical and electrical specialist (+ electronics).
      I really liked the series on the Discovery Channel, about how gold is mined from the bottom of the sea in Nome (Alaska). I am impressed with the courage of these people. But ... I see that already now they have problems with mining gold from a depth of more than 5 meters.
      The shelf area (underwater part) extends much further than those small areas that are now being developed near Nome.
      To work in bad weather on the surface of the sea, and not to depend on it, you need to have an underwater manned vehicle on a caterpillar track, with a dredge and a flushing chute. This will allow you to work autonomously, for several days underwater, mining gold.
      In my opinion (thoughts) it should be a submarine with tracked engines, ballast tanks, which can independently float on the sea surface and sink to the bottom for work.
      I can design, calculate, and build this. I need money for this, and a few assistants who can work with their hands 🙂 Extraction of gold and minerals from the bottom of the sea is my old dream ... And I know how to make a submarine without spending millions of dollars 🙂
    • By Sasquatch
      I bought my first dredge and it is an old one, have a couple questions if someone knows old Keene gear.  
      It’s a pretty vintage 3” Keene suction dredge, crashbox, power jet, 14x48 sluice and frame that was strapped to inner tubes.  The old Copper BS 5hp with an old Johnson 155 air that seems to be working.  Changed the oil, gas, checked the sparkplug, removed the pump and she started right up and runs great. Everything is in suprisingly good shape.  
      The pump is a Keene P-150, I assume pumping in the 200 - 250 GPM range.  It has the old paper gaskets for the pump housing, will Auto gasket maker work to replace those if needed?  I think the main pump seal is still the same as modern pumps.  
      For the Sluice it has a plate in the crash box then flat red carpet under the riffles.  What would you recommend running in there?  Miners moss over carpet? Change to rubber matting? Leave as is?  Should anything go under the crash plate to help catch fine gold.  Would love some opinions. I did clean out about 20 flecks of color from the tiny bit of sand left in the sluice, so I know it can catch some fine gold.  

      Anyone know anything about the Johnson 155 Air compressor?  I can’t seem to find any information on it.  Seems to be working but not sure if any spare parts are available for it. 
      Last question is what to do for floats.  I would need new inner tubes but I may try to rig up something with a packraft I have.  Anyone used pool noodle floats?  I’m sure the hard floats are best for fast moving water, but curious what other options there are. Would like to keep it light to be manageable by one person and able to be hauled with an ATV.
      Thanks for any info.

    • By Jim_Alaska
      I was wondering if anyone might have a picture of an original Keene 2 1/2" dredge, it is the one that floated on an inner tube. I sent an email to Pat Keene, but have not got an answer.
      I just need the picture to see how it was set up and mounted on the inner tube. If anyone has one you can post it here or email it to me at: jfoley@sisqtel.net
    • By klunker
      All of the Sierra Nevada national forests will be closed to public entry as of Sunday evening due to extreme fire danger.
       Claim holders are supposed to be treated the same as in holders (private land accessed by forest roads) but I'm sure a claim owner would be in for a #&// of a battle if he/she were to attempt to access a claim.
      While the forum was down I continued hunting my usual spot.  The ground is hard as cement and I require a sweat band on my head but it is still fun.  I have found easily 20 plus pounds of lead at this site. I have found tons of random junk I don’t post and a few of the latest good finds I will post. I must say I am still using the DEUS and have come to really like it for ghost town type hunting.  It really does separate well in iron if you move slow.  The little tag thing was rolled up and I magnified it but still not sure what it says.  Oh and I’m usually CVISChris but things have changed  

    • By geof_junk
      MRA embarks to reduce mercury usage
      Alluvial miners at work on Bougainville
      Cedric Patjole | Loop PNG | March 8, 2020
      The Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) recently launched a project to reduce the use of mercury in small scale mining operations.
      The Project aims to identify the extent to which mercury is used in the industry and how it is used and by whom, in a bid to mitigate health risks.
      On March 6th, the ‘Reducing Mercury Use in Papua New Guinea’s Alluvial and Small-Scale Gold Mining Sector’ Project was launched in Port Moresby, following a workshop with key stakeholders and project partners.
      The Alluvial Mining industry is one of the largest small to medium enterprise sectors in PNG that engages thousands of rural small scale miners.
      It is also a sector that is great health risks due to the usage of mercury.
      “This project is designed to get a better understanding of our alluvial sector general, and more specifically to identify the extent to which mercury is used how it is used and by whom,” said MRA Executive Manager of Regulatory Operations, Roger Gunson.
      “In addition, it will track the supply trial and identify the regions where it is used. The data collected relating to the sector will be entered into a database administered as part of MRA’s land-folio tenement system.
      “This will be able to better inform on policy development, resourcing, training and sector needs.”
      Gunson, said the Alluvial Mining is one of the biggest revenue earners for the country with K550 million recorded in 2019.
      He said this is similar to revenue generated by smaller mines such as Simberi Mine. However, the use of mercury in extracting gold poses major health risks to the miners.
      “Unfortunately, in many parts of PNG gold is extracted through the use of mercury. This is a danger to the health of miners, their families and communities as well as we have heard from the workshop today.
      “Hence, we have a paradox, we want the gold and we want to be able to seek it, but we also have a health risk that sits alongside it,” said Gunson.
      The project is funded by the US Department of State and implemented by Artisanal Gold Council (AGC) in conjunction with the MRA.
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