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Another Ghost Nugget & Hoping The Gpx-6000 See's It

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Latest OZ post from Jen Walsh on FB. The GPX 6000 is seeing reef gold, maybe it can find what Gerry is looking for!



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Hi Gerry, interesting topic. I've been trying to make a PI detector detect #9 lead shot. Wondering how much harder your nuggets are to detect. Have you compared #9 lead shot with some of your nuggets? Maybe a single piece and another with 16 pieces on some masking tape folded over making a square 4x4 pieces? A piece of #9 lead shot has a time constant less than .7us, 16 pieces should have the same time constant with 16 times the signal.

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Very interested in hearing your results on the GPX6000. The the type of wire specimen gold and some leaf gold specimens we find a PI detector will not pickup. Would love to have a PI detector that can detect our type of gold and provide additional depth compared to a VLF.

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11 hours ago, green said:

A piece of #9 lead shot has a time constant less than .7us....

Do you mean 7 microseconds (instead of 0.7 microseconds)?

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9 hours ago, Chet said:

So what Gerry and some of us are hoping is that the GPX 6000 improved design and processing will allow it to detect the very Short Time Constants of some of the Ghost Nuggets.

Have a good day,

Chet,  Part of the training sessions my staff and I do with customers (you a few times in years past on a variety of detectors) is interact, teach, learn, give/get advise and overall camaraderie within that group for the 3 days.  I realized way back when on your 1st time with us, you had a gift as well and to this day you still display it.  Your knowledge of electronics in detectors is above me, as I just know how to operate them well, but not really knowing the finer points as of what is going on in in a detector.  Sure I know PI and VLF and patters, but your words of wisdom shines more light on it for us all.  

Even with all that power, you still enjoy comparing detectors, coils, settings, targets, just like my Staff and I...as the ultimate goal is for us to all get better.  I look forward to getting the GPX-6000 in your hands, meeting again some time in NV or maybe CA this go round (if I get an invite) and comparing all over again to get the best results we can.

This fine forum has some very knowledgeable followers and sharing bits of  MD'ing experiences, knowledge and tips is what helps strengthen the hobby and hopefully putting a little more gold in the newer prospectors hands.  New customers holding their 1st nugget and a golden smile is what my staff and I enjoy and I also feel you to are about sharing the knowledge we've earned and learned from yrs past.




You said it very well again Chet and thanks for the time/effort to add to the post.

Again, just like when my staff/I can snap a pic of a golden smile for a 1st nugget, you my friend shined on us again some of your knowledge in simple terms.

See you in the field this Summer/Fall, teaching-learning-smiling.


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