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Hi, does anyone tried this config for diving with the Nox?

Is just the original stem only with the lower part of the rod. Is a little bit long, but I think it should work! 


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Airtimesa --

For what it's worth, I've built one-piece carbon-fiber dive shafts for folks before, so if your idea proves to be a bit too long, I can hook you up with a one-piece carbon-fiber one, built to whatever length you prefer...

(or, it could be a two-piece with a short upper and very short lower, just enough to allow a small amount -- a few inches or whatever -- of adjustability in terms of length...)

I can do whatever you like -- as I'm always happy to do custom builds...



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I have tried that configuration for diving and it worked pretty well. Admittedly, I am new to the diving + detecting combination so I have nothing to compare it to. But the length was manageable. 

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Thanks Steveg and GKman! I'm going to test it in this config. It's a little longer than what I expected, but I think it should work. 

Steveg, special thanks for your help. For the moment I'm going just to test it, because I own an Excal, but if I feel that the Nox is better than Excal underwater, I might ask you for help. 


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My only comment is that the Nox appears to be built merely to survive in the event it gets temporarily intentionally or unintentionally submerged.  It does not appear to be robustly designed for the combined hydrodynamic forces AND static pressure head forces that would occur if it is used even in chest deep water.  Certainly not designed even for dive work at the “rated” submergence depth.  I would really take that 3 meter submergence depth rating with a grain of salt.  People have reported water intrusion failures on initial water submersion, during bathtub proof testing, and even while rinsing off the Nox using a beach shower.  Diving with the Nox is really pushing your luck even though ML is likely to cover the repair under warranty.

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Airtemisa -- sounds good, thanks!

Just FYI, I could build you a dive shaft for your Excal, as well; particularly if you hip-mount the Excal, a custom dive shaft would be easily do-able, for an Excal.  My guess is that you already have a dive shaft for it, but just thought I'd toss that out there...



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    • By palzynski
      The Apex balance/weight is very good but as I thought it could be improved , I decided to update it a little bit ... 🙂
      My modifs :
      1)  polymer lower shaft replaced by an home made carbon shaft :       30g saved
      2) aluminium mid shaft replaced by an home made carbon shaft :       40g saved 
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      After these modifs my Apex/Ripper only weights 960g /2.1 lbs  👍!  
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      I have one of the first runs of the equinox.  Got on a wait list with a dealer and got mine in April or May of 2018 (please correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I think I’ve had my nox for 3 years now).  I had a slight case of the shaft wobble issue and ended up getting an Anderson carbon fiber upper and lower rods.  When Steve first came out with his rods I inquired about getting just the upper from him mostly for the cam lock, but also for the balance pod.  We sent some messages back and forth and realized that the Anderson lower rod was a slightly larger diameter and wasn’t compatible with Steve’s upper rod.  Since I had just shelled out $150 on the Anderson I decided I would make my own balance pod.  I had some 6/6 nylon rod and had this big piece of aluminum left over from another project.  You can see from the pic how it works.  The aluminum counter weight can be slid closer or farther from the fulcrum point (the equinox control box grip) to fine tune the balance.  I forget what the nylon rod and counter weight weighs, but even with the counter weight slid all the way to the end, it still doesn’t perfectly balance the 11” coil, however it’s nearly perfect for the 6” coil.  I wanted the overall weight of the detector as light as possible, but still help significantly with the balance.  I think I got it at a fairly sweet spot between balance and overall weight.  

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      I got the rod from Bulgaria.

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      Hi All,has anyone purchased these on EBay,ordered one and took 20 days to arrive from the Ukraine to NewZealand,Quality appears to be excellent except for the armcup  so fabricated a new assembly in alloy to add a bit of bling and welded in a shelf to take a power bank which is held in by a couple of rubber bands. The balance is now a lot better with the 10” coil.


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