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He  has      been getting the best find of the month all year among the  people  I hunt with.It will be tough to  beat  that for    the month of May.A  great  relic.He started the    year with that  huge gold ring in January in the  first      15 minutes  with his  new Nox.Well done Relic  Ray.

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Cut it out Relic Ray ! Don't force me to follow you around .....skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh

That spot is treating you real good !


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Nice finds, RR. Bet that bell about blew your head off! Always gets me when a large target sounds off in 50 tones.

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Yeah, it was loud and high toned. I figured it was just another soda/beer can. But I was very deep in the woods following a very old and obscure path and I was surrounded by thorn bushes and under growth. So then I thought who in their right mind would be drinking here, after all, I had gone where no one had gone before, at least no one for a very very long time. 

I dug it and there it was. 



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9 hours ago, relic ray said:

I found a bell dating to Sept 8, 1863.

Fantastic find on the door bell, looks to be in good condition, but missing a couple of parts.

I hope you can find the rest of it.

AS for the coins how can you keep hitting those nice beauties.

Good luck on your next hunt!

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12 hours ago, relic ray said:

So then I thought who in their right mind would be drinking here...

I wish I had a (Buffalo) nickel for every time I've thought that!!  :laugh:

Nice finds!  A Carson City coin rarely shows up in the East (and not many in the West, for that matter.)  You've again shown how persistence (still) pays off when metal detecting.

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Awesome finds Ray! The bell looks like it had a commercial application due to its rugged construction. It may have been used as a loud doorbell or perhaps to indicate …”It’s break time!” at the ole’ flour mill. I like the old coins but the bell is a real ringer! 👍👍👍

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Hi Clad Hopper. Yeah, I think you're right. The bell is so huge I doubt it would be for a house door. Likey the flour mill used it to signal its workers for this or that, ALA "Lunch is over get your butts back to work."

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    • By dogodog
      My day started by taking my wife to breakfast and a trip to a local greenhouse. On our way back we drove by a place I have wanted to hunt for a while and couldn't because the owners were just not to friendly. But low and behold I noticed some new house development signs. I did a quick title search and found out it was sold and being developed very soon. So I grabbed my stuff and headed back to this 1830's house. Today was the first day since I got the 800 I could spend more than an hour and a half detecting. My first two hours were a pretty much a bust except a cool silver plate spoon and my wife texting me to see if I found anymore jewelry? (NO) I was getting a little frustrated and decided to focus on a small strip of grass (three feet wide) next to the driveway and an overgrown pasture. After five feet  I got an OK 28-29 signal that was kind of bouncy. First good coin popped out a 1905 barber quarter (yes) Things were looking up. I jumped across the driveway and hunted near a rather young pine tree. Two swings and boom a 24-26 and out comes a 1919 mercury. Things are getting interesting. I stood up after digging the merc, swung again got 23-24 at 9 inches out comes a coin that had me wondering what the hell is that. after a little quick cleaning I realized I had a 1832 classic head 1/2 cent. But this was no ordinary 1832 this has an over stamp with a cross and the initials FZ. It seems that it was stamped early in its life. I'm wanting to know if anyone has ever found a coin with stampings? I have found a lot of good coins, but this has now become my favorite. The day came to an end and I had to go and enjoy some burgers on the grill. 
      Almost forgot the spoon, Its an american airlines made in the 1930's with the shape of a dc-3 and the words flagship on it.

    • By F350Platinum
      This morning was as windy as yesterday, 30 mph with gusts to 45. It was supposed to settle down and stay kinda cool, so I decided to jump in the waders and hit the river.
      Never saw so much beach before! The tide was way out. I knew low tide was after 12 further down the river so going a couple hours earlier would do.
      Even the old V8 engine block was out of the water today.
      In 5 hours I did pretty good. Got some trash but nothing too trifling, a couple of pull tabs and a beer can or two, some fishing tackle, shotgun shells and some odd bits of lead.
      Bronze bead or roller of some sort, it is not hollow. Nice fancy rivet with a sun pattern, even the shank is patterned. Thin brass device holder of some sort, looks like it had an insert, either stone or cloisonne. Not sure what the copper circular object is but it is thick, heavy and appears to have snapped off something.
      1918 Buffalo nickel, undated Buffalo, wheat and IHP with no dates. I had to break them out of their encrustation. The Buffalos were 9/10, the pennies both 14.
      And the find of the day, I was surprised:
      Solid brass Brown Bess musket buttplate with engraving. At first I thought it was for an Enfield but it's too big. Dates from mid 1700s to mid 1800s.
      Either this place was hit hard for silver or I need a PI detector. 😀 Nickels and pennies are everywhere, there's gotta be some silver coins here.
    • By F350Platinum
      Nothing special today but still productive. I'm thinking the steamboat unloaded passengers on one side (the high pilings), and cargo on the other (ramp).
      Hacked around the "passenger" side but didn't go too far out. The sand got kinda loose, and once gave way. There was a 26 ID object in the pilings, dug out out with my pinpointer and trusty composite shovel, when I got it out it ID'd a 31, it's on the left in the trash photo:
      It's just some sort of aggregate rock, haven't done anything with it yet. The license plate was a 36, again I thought I'd hit the jackpot. 😵 Even the Comet can lid was a solid 22 😀
      The finds:
      Odd brass object, some kinda strainer or lamp thing? Here's the back:
      1892 IHP, it was totally encrusted, but carefully peeling away the black brought forth what was left. Unidentifiable wheat penny, no date. Came out as is. IHP was a 19/20, wheat was a 21/22.
      There is a small area all these coins are all coming from, I'll keep hitting it. I think it may be where people were swimming. Might rake or dig it down a bit to see if there are any silvers there. 
    • By Kaolin washer
      What did they feed the pigs ?  restaurant waist, what got in with it ? some of the tips  

    • By F350Platinum
      Finally got a chance to hit the steamboat landing on the water today. A coincidental lower tide and great weather made an opportunity for me.
      It's a beautiful place, but fraught with risks from the poison ivy ground cover to the soft sand/muck in the river. There are places here that look solid but you sink immediately should you step there.
      Really didn't find much but didn't expect to. What I was more interested in was getting used to the gear and the conditions, I was wearing waders and using my scoop as a "stabilizer" as well. There are pilings, underwater holes, even saw an engine block out in the river. I only went a little above knee deep today. The water is clear but silts ahead of you as you walk. Water parallax makes it a bit difficult to locate where to scoop, but lifting the coil straight up after pinpointing helps.
      Found some pretty cool stuff, the steamboat mooring line cleat and the old blue medicine bottle were my favorite trash, the cleat was a 36. Thought I'd hit the jackpot. 😀
      I worked my way over to the area I found some completely corroded Indian Heads just before I quit, I was only there about two hours. Got a 9/10, and scooped this very corroded "V" nickel, sadly not enough detail to provide a date. Identified it by size and the bust that was barely visible.Going back soon! They're planting the fields so woods and river are my only local diversions.
    • By Clad Hopper
      Hi Guys,
      Here's a couple of finds from my last outings with my detecting buddies. The Barber half is one of the nicer ones I've found. The Trime ... Not so much. I resisted the urge to do much cleaning so the coins will remain in their natural state. It's encouraging to see that there's still a few goodies out there to find. You just have to work harder to get them.

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