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He  has      been getting the best find of the month all year among the  people  I hunt with.It will be tough to  beat  that for    the month of May.A  great  relic.He started the    year with that  huge gold ring in January in the  first      15 minutes  with his  new Nox.Well done Relic  Ray.

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Cut it out Relic Ray ! Don't force me to follow you around .....skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh

That spot is treating you real good !


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Nice finds, RR. Bet that bell about blew your head off! Always gets me when a large target sounds off in 50 tones.

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Yeah, it was loud and high toned. I figured it was just another soda/beer can. But I was very deep in the woods following a very old and obscure path and I was surrounded by thorn bushes and under growth. So then I thought who in their right mind would be drinking here, after all, I had gone where no one had gone before, at least no one for a very very long time. 

I dug it and there it was. 



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9 hours ago, relic ray said:

I found a bell dating to Sept 8, 1863.

Fantastic find on the door bell, looks to be in good condition, but missing a couple of parts.

I hope you can find the rest of it.

AS for the coins how can you keep hitting those nice beauties.

Good luck on your next hunt!

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12 hours ago, relic ray said:

So then I thought who in their right mind would be drinking here...

I wish I had a (Buffalo) nickel for every time I've thought that!!  :laugh:

Nice finds!  A Carson City coin rarely shows up in the East (and not many in the West, for that matter.)  You've again shown how persistence (still) pays off when metal detecting.

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Awesome finds Ray! The bell looks like it had a commercial application due to its rugged construction. It may have been used as a loud doorbell or perhaps to indicate …”It’s break time!” at the ole’ flour mill. I like the old coins but the bell is a real ringer! 👍👍👍

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Hi Clad Hopper. Yeah, I think you're right. The bell is so huge I doubt it would be for a house door. Likey the flour mill used it to signal its workers for this or that, ALA "Lunch is over get your butts back to work."

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    • By relic ray
      Two years ago, I found 104 nickels in a single hole. No key dates. No bank wrappers. Just nickels. 
      But today I found at 4 inches or so 26 memorials (all copper of course). Deeper down, 23 Wheaties, 2 nickels, and 3 Rosie's, and a Merc. The hole became deeper then my pro pin pointer was long. At least 11 inches deep. And yesterday (Saturday)  nearby, I found this 1937 silver half in immaculate condition. 
      Yesterday I 

    • By F350Platinum
      Went out for a couple of hours this morning. I find that the 2nd day after a big rain (we got 8"+ in two days) is better than the day after. It was a nice day, pretty cool and the deer flies are finally on the decline. I loaded up with Cutter and headed out to the steamboat landing, I have been mowing small portions of it for access to the river and to hunt the dirt as well. Can't do the whole thing, it's quite a few acres.
      I cleared this ~30x40' space that I think was where a small building was, there is brick and lots of iron. It's a challenge to find anything so I went for deep iffy signals that were for the most part repeatable.

      I wasn't disappointed, great conduction today. Got the usual junk:
      Lamp parts, what might be gun parts, and shotgun shell ends. A couple nails. The round disc appears to be the back of a wristwatch, there are no markings.
      Dug a couple of wheats, a 1918 and one with no discernible date. The latter was 8" down under a root. Some chrome plated object, probably recent.
      The buckles were the most interesting things, first is a suspender buckle similar to one Chase found here, with a patent date:
      Second is what I think is from the 1700s, not sure whether it is for a shoe or knee:
      Unfortunately the rounded plate is twisted, I don't dare try to fix it.
      Last is another of the clip type buckles, this makes #3 and is the most spectacular of them all. I have the other half. This one is the most ornate:
      Got new headphones I'm going to try out there tomorrow.
    • By Kelpike
      I've been hunting the yard of a house we have been working on for a few weeks. The house is the first or second house built in that town and has some decent history. So far I have only found 3 old horseshoes, a completely shot rusted pocket watch, a few pieces of lead pipe, a few newer coins, many rusted cans, and a ton of rusted chunks of steel. I was about to leave the job today and decided to search for a half hour or so. I was about to leave and decided to dig another signal that sounded decent. It ended up being an Indian Head Penny. I was pretty excited to finally find an old coin on that property. After rechecking the hole I ended up finding 8 more IHP in a space about the size of a table place mat. I searched all around that area and found on more less than two feet away from the first hole. They are in pretty rough shape. After only rinsing under the faucet, the top 2 show dates of 1891 and 1883. The bottom 2 are unrecognizable. Hopefully with some cleaning I can get a few more dates off of them. 

    • By Againstmywill
      This is a rare day for me...3 silver dimes (first time ever)! I went back out for another hour at sunset to see what else could be found in the area I found the Barber this morning. I would never have guessed it would be another Barber day, and the first year of issue at that! The settings stayed the same, and the tones were about the same. I have gone over this area in the past, but when it gets hot and humid in FL, digging a dime isn't worth the effort sometimes. Well, I won't be passing up jumpy dime signals in that area again! It has been very dry here, so I will be hitting this patch of grass again when it rains and lowering the recovery speed. Also, I dug a coin(?) that is 3.1 grams(penny), and it looks to be squashed. However, the thickness is very consistent, unlike a train running over the coin. From one angle, it appears to say 1877 or 1827. Anyone have an idea?
       Equinox 800, 15", Park 1, 7 recovery, 22 sensitivity

    • By Againstmywill
      Went out detecting this morning before the FL weather fried my brain. I was out for about 1 hour, so that explains the heat. I went to a local baseball field and was getting deeper Memorial pennies in the shade. I got a scratchy signal mixed with enough high tones (50 tones) to investigate. It turned out to be my second-ever Barber dime! Thought I would share this mundane find (for most of the seasoned detectorists) because sometimes in summer there are not a ton of posts.
       Equinox 800, 15", Park 1, 7 recovery, 22 sensitivity

    • By Kaolin washer
      my settings- 6.4 khz  Mix mode, sensitivity was 7, and threshold set at 1 ,  black sand on ,salt on and balanced to 39. and ground balanced to 616 .and was using the 12" DD coil I hunted a park ,where the old swing set was . and the soil was glacial gravel & sand.and i got a nice solid 18-20 and had to dig way down to 1" past the depth of the pinponter  and up comes a clad quarter. It was a solid 10" deep I was impressed. the other quarter was 7" . and i found several tabs down at the 10" level as well . but again small foil.  Also out of the hole came several egg size basalt rocks that did not seem to block the signal to my 10" quarter . So I know this machine can find the silver if its down in the ground  very pleased with the tarsacci

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