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Greetings To All Detectorist From Italy!

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 I'm a old (age over 50) detectorist from Italy. I used a lot of m.d. in 26 years (various model of Minelab, Whites, Tesoro, XP, Fisher, Garrett and the latest Rutus), but i love so much the Whites Spectrum XLT. This is for me the best detector of all time. I hope to know news and interesting contents about the magic m.d. world!

Greetings from Italy

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Welcome aboard BlueMask !

Sounds like you have some experience already !

There is a LOT of information here for you to read .

Here is a link to Steve's Guides , 


Reply to anything you want to comment on and ask all the questions you have !





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Welcome to the forum bluemask. As long as you can swing your detector you are not old. Hope to see some pictures of your finds in the future. Happy Hunting🖼️

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Welcome BM, Glad to see you joined in on DP!!! I hope you share some of your finds with us, As I'm intrigued by the finds in other countries. Seems to be a tremendous amount of history in your country and I would love to know more about what you like to detect for and what you find. Happy Hunting.

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Bluemask, add my name to the welcome wagon!  The best detector is always the one you have in your hand.  I look forward to seeing some of your finds.

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Hello and welcome bluemask,

   We have a few of your countrymen here on the forum! Tremendous history there! Love the odds you have of finding ancient historic items! Post some pics as you find them!👍👍

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Glad to have you here, and I will be waiting to see and hear about some of your finds.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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