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The views expressed can be taken different than those expressed by others, but it does show that the right combination of detector and location can achieve results that can exceed those of a bad choice of equipment. Most of my gold could of been found with a second rate equipment, but correct for the specific condition that existed in that location. When will people relies that it is experience that prospectors have gained that beats equipment by a big margin.  

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10 hours ago, Norvic said:

Paul, believe or not the 5000 was a top machine in its day but is way behind the ball now. The Z knocked it down the 6000 has buried it. You seen the Z come up with the goods, with I suspect the biggest piece in your OZ experience in one of the most flogged patches in FNQ OZ. Believe or not your option but I know. 

I agree with the ZEDs capabilities Vic... I wasn’t questioning its place In the pecking order. 
And yes I “may” have seen a big old rib bone of gold once in FNQ😀

 All I am saying is I would like to see the 5 and 6, side by side, on some off those patches in  the Taskmasters area.
Then I would be able to make an informed buying decision. I don’t think anyone here who knows me could ever accuse me of not being an early adopter😂

But if Taskmaster gets his 6000 then there is no need for us both to have one ......

and whenever they let me back in to WA—-(I’m thinking OZ may have started Covid just to keep me from finding a scrap or two 🤠) Lolol

Anyway, I digress..., the style of hunting we were doing, was basically scraping to the cap and then giving  it a a thorough go. 
While doing this in 2018 we noticed my zed was erratic and very noisy once we first uncovered the cap on an area. 
Taskmaster made a 5000 believer out of me then when he showed me the 5000 picking up gold that I  couldn’t clearly hear ...(due to the moaning and groaning of the 7—- ) —-I think it was a 4.5 grammer!

 I attribute the noise  to the sensitivity of the 7...and my lack of experience running  it. Trent tried but couldn’t get it to settle down either.

That doesn’t make the 7 less of a machine, it just made it harder to use in that one specific application.

Note: Once the sun hit the newly exposed ground for a week it would quieten down considerably. 

So yeah, I’m not knockin the 6...I can’t wait to use them side by side....5/6

Since I’m a pensioner now I will let the young lad get his and then I will nick it ..if it is that good.

 All good Vic✔️

Keep swinging!


BTW :That’s the year I traded  my 7000 to a patch hunter for a brand new 5000 and brand new 2300.... with about 7 coils.

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Heh you just keep flying over the gold Paul and leave it to us, I`ve 10:1 odds Trent will find the 6000s the go for his push and detect operation. Crikey he wont even realize he`s still got it in hand when he hops on the CAT.

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I'm not an expert by any means, but wouldn't it make more sense to put the 11" mono that goes with the 5000 on to compare it with the 6000 with its 11"? Just doesn't seem quite apples to apples to me to say the 5000 is better when you are using a different style coil.

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