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If you have enough money for all that it does not matter what detector you get, because it will be purely about having fun. I get the impression you have never prospected for gold with a metal detecto

I was on the team, as were Nenad and JP. Any others here? In any case, if you have specific questions about the GPX 6000, ask away, and get straight answers. If it violates our NDA expect to be told s

Nailed it Steve 👍. The VAST majority of the training I provide with detector purchases is based around actual use of the machine in the field and demonstrating how I go about actually swinging the det

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My main question is about ergonomics. I am 65, 5'11, 200 lbs and am fairly fit. I did not enjoy swinging an SDC 2300 at altitude with or without a harness. I did not particularly enjoy swinging my former CTX 3030 for more than 2 hours and I definitely use a harness with my GPX 5000. I also spent a day swinging a GPZ 7000.........great detector but no fun weight wise. How does the GPX 6000 compare to those detectors ergonomically and even to the Equinox with 12 or 15" coil?

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Ergonomics varies by person. We all have different glove and shoe sizes. All I can say is the GPX 6000 is, to my practiced arm, one of the best swinging detectors ever. Perfect balance with 11” mono. Perfect. Grip is perfect for my hand. Yours? Good luck. For me half the love affair I’m having is with the ergonomics. But my recommendation? Get your hands on one and give it a few swings. Don’t need to turn it on really. Just swing it. If that does not make the sale... I honestly don’t know what to tell you. Better than Equinox, but that’s not saying much. How about I got a PI detector that swings a lot like a F75, and I’m liking it for me. I can’t offer better praise than that, and I’m darn near ecstatic about it actually. :smile:

I’m 63, bad back and hips, 5’11”, and sitting on my butt for a year. I can swing a GPX 6000 all day with the 17” mono, no bungee, all day, with what I consider minor soreness. Mind you, I’m used to swinging an ATX and GPZ! And if I was serious patch hunting with the 17” I might use a bungee. 11” mono, that bungee is never going to happen.

I did not like SDC ergo but I thought CTX was a fine feel, so we conflict there. The CTX is 0.6 lbs heavier than 6000, but again, I liked balance and grip. Maybe the weight loss will fix it for you, maybe not. We will see. I love the 24K ergonomics, you do not, so red flags.

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Steve, Fantastic Job!  Robin, is chomping at the bit to get her hands on her ordered 6000.  Must say, I’m just as excited to swing it on gold/ground, I know the 7000 has a hearing problem on.  I’m glad Minelab, had this machine tested on America’s Goldfields and more so on some dirt I’m familiar with.  Seems the only question left is when will American Prospector’s get their hands on it and start having some fun!  

Patiently Waiting!



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Thanks Steve for your great response. I am a huge fan of the F75 ergonomics and the GM24K is not too bad. The MX5 was and still is one of my all-time favorites to swing. Same with the TDIs......

We may be getting a new dealer here in the Denver area soon so I will definitely be trying one out. The GPX 6000 seems to have a hand grip that is similar to the Equinox which is comfortable for me.  

Having more simplified setting choices to me is a big plus. I love my GPX 5000 for its ability to detect in so many different soil types, on a huge variety of target sizes and with so many coil choices. I also am old enough (in a good and bad way) to appreciate more simple to operate detectors than the GPX 5000. How many times have I accidentally screwed up the front panel toggle switches...........especially the coil selection switch without knowing it..........

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I'd like to know around what date the extra batteries and 17" mono coil will be available in the USA.  I realize knowing that exact info is probably as accurate as placing random dates on a dartboard and tossing a dart at them blindfolded to choose.  😁


I also wonder what the cost of those accessories will be.  GPX 6000 with 11" mono, 14DD and 1 battery for the USA market for $6000.  Add in another battery and 17" mono and what's the total cost?

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21 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I’m betting lots of folks end up ditching their GPZ in favor of the 6000. It really puts the fun back into what was starting to feel like work.


Damn it Steve.  Stop talking about this detector.  I was going to keep swinging my 7000 and I am pushing 82.  Might as well spend the $6k while I can still walk.  Lightly used 7000 for sale.  

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1 hour ago, Calmark said:

I'd like to know around what date the extra batteries and 17" mono coil will be available in the USA.  I realize knowing that exact info is probably as accurate as placing random dates on a dartboard and tossing a dart at them blindfolded to choose.  😁


I also wonder what the cost of those accessories will be.  GPX 6000 with 11" mono, 14DD and 1 battery for the USA market for $6000.  Add in another battery and 17" mono and what's the total cost?

I have to refer you to dealers for that sort of thing. I have no idea other than I am surprised detectors are not here yet. As far as accessories, the track history is not good. Your guess is as good as mine. At least we know they are making it, so it's a matter of knowing where stuff is going and when. Heck if i know.

I don't get it. The start of every rodeo I say "ok, remember how late accessories were. How about have them ready at launch" but it never happens. Still, there is hope it will be better this time, The silence can mean anything. Stuff extra late, or sooner than we think. Minelab USA is clueless, so the dealers are also. Yet you know there is a computer tracking every serial number and where it is worldwide. They know where it is, they have an idea when we will see it.... but it is like the biggest secret on planet earth for some reason. Parts of Minelab are like studying this photo, the harder you look, the more confusing it is. Every time I think they are nuts, I have to remind myself they are by far the most successful metal detector company ever. We'd all like to be that kind of nuts.


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    • By Elijah
      Hello gentlemen, finally someone from the Australian guys made an honest comparison
    • By schoolofhardNox
      Made it out for a day at the beach. It seems like ages since I been out. The crowds were starting to gather since the weather was perfect that day. I was able to hit my favorite stretch of the beach for the most part. I started out trying for silver but decided to concentrate on low conductors, hoping for some gold. Total of 40 nickels that hunt, counting the war nickel. I ended the afternoon digging for high conductors as well, and was rewarded with yet another half dollar. Using a PI, you cannot get away from digging the deep, rounder shaped big iron since it could be a deep half, so I dig it. Some of longer iron items and shallow smaller nails, I could have avoided if I wanted to. I did manage to find a nice 10K tiny gold ring, so that made for a great day. Average depth was about 14” on most items. The ring was fairly shallow, probably around 7”. Total coins I believe was 100, so a high coin count. The usual copper and lead bits also found. Most items were resting on the clay layer or near it. Great to get out and enjoy the day.

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      I've read a few posts from those who have both and their input is pretty much what I expected.
      Having fun (especially with others) is the majority of why I enjoy detecting.  Only a select few actually do it for a living and do well.  The rest of us (me included), enjoy the hunt, adventures, comradery with like minded friends, and getting some gold on occasion. It's looking like the GPX-6000 is getting the majority of gold better than the GPZ-7000.  So, is the extra weight worth the rare occasional big nugget?  Lets go a step farther.  Say the ZED hits a 4 ounce nugget at 34".  Will the 6000 hit that same nugget at 30", 32" 33" or 34".  Say it's 2" less and only gets the chunk at 32".  It's still near 3' deep which is deeper than most folks enjoy digging and or most other detectors out there.  
      So the reality for most folks, the GPX-6000 at a cost savings of $2000 and over 2 pounds lighter, better ergonomics, no more tethered into a harness, more user friendly, real wireless Bluetooth phones, is the best option for most.
      Like I said in another post.  There should be a convoy of GPZ users heading down the highway to get the new GPX-6000 and having more fun, more gold more often.  I can help make that smile happen.
      Anyone have a point I am missing or totally off, please chime in.
      Pic of the nugget will probably only be a few inches in depth difference between the 6 and 7.  But the majority of us would probably hear if with both machines at 30 or more.

    • By Purplehays69
      I totally understand that our Aussie brother's n sisters always get the jumpstart on the newest Minelab gold detector but our wait in the USA is getting totally ridiculous......
    • By Condor
      My personal observations only, quick testing with no appreciable methodology.  Make no conclusions based on my limited time with the machine.
      I had Steve's 6000 for a couple hours this morning.  At sunup I detected up a swale where Jason had found a couple nuggets yesterday.  I gridded a section 6 ft wide and about 25 yds long.  I marked 7 undug targets, 4 definite dig me signals and 3 iffy threshold warbles with the 6000 and 11" coil.  I then covered the same ground with my 7000 and 15x10 Xcoil.  The 7000 had no trouble with any of the 4 dig me targets and found no new targets.  Nothing but Ground and Salt noise over the questionable targets.  I dug the clear targets, first 2 were micro nuggets in the .2 gram range.  Third was a shallow hot rock and the 4th was surface trash.  I ran the 6000 back over the questionable targets and couldn't get anything repeatable.  
      I wish I had known JP's thing about the speaker/EMI because I was noise cancelling often, especially if I set the machine down for any length of time.
      Jason's summary from yesterday sums up our limited joint testing quite well.  My feeling after this limited time is that if I were 5 years younger, I would stick to the 7000 with the array of X-Coils to suit the conditions.  But, I'll turn 67 years young next month and my detecting shoulder has been nagging me for several years.  I have fashioned a hipstick that transfers the detector weight into the frame of an archery fanny pack with shoulder straps.  I thought it was great until I swung the 6000 with 11" coil.  Regrettably, I decided to run the 6000 with the 17" coil with no bungee this morning.  45 minutes and I was done, hence my abbreviated time on the 6000.  I'm  gonna want a bungee for the 14" DD or the 17" coils.  
      N. Nevada at this time of year is tough to hunt.  The weather is great, but the ground has enough moisture to make the salt darn near unbearable in many places.  The 6000 with 11" coil tames it some, but there's no magic absent the DD coil.  Hot rocks are about the same as the 7000, although I found the Auto + with nearly silent threshold chops the tailing edge of a hotrock signal.  You'd still have to dig them, but without enthusiasm.  
      Am I buying one, probably.  But I'm not rich and doubt I can justify $13k worth of detectors.  I'm going to need to make an either or decision.  
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Has Minelab not given dealers a price list yet? What are the accessory prices for the 6K? They are delivering around the world (except the U.S.) so somebody must have accessory pricing. Or it’s out there and I’ve been too busy to find it. A lot of people are not going to buy until after they know the accessory pricing,  and decide it’s acceptable.
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