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Took The Equinox 800 W/ 5x10 Coil Out For Relic Hunt

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Good looking drawer pull.

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What are the coins? Is the Jefferson old?

Not a fan of those copper washers, always a great signal. 😵 

The drawer pull is cool, I can almost hear the ring tapping on an old mahogany desk.

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15 hours ago, Rick N. MI said:

There was emi and used 15 khz and it ran smooth with sensitivity 24, 2 tone, recovery 4 (should have used 6, lots of iron), Iron bias F2 0. The single tones run so smooth.

Just a reminder -- Iron Bias adjustments/settings are only active when in multi-frequency.

The drawer pull is in good shape.  Ones I've found tend to be separated and the faceplate bent or broken.  Usually I don't find both parts, either.  I'm surprised you didn't recover any pencil ferrules.  Most school yards have quite a few and many TID right around USA nickels.  They seem to be schoolyards' version of (lone) beavertails that show up in parks.  It looks like you found at least one button (lower center).  What is the crusty item on the lower right?

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57 minutes ago, Rick N. MI said:

In emi which would be better. Multi with sensitivity turned down or single tone with sensitivity high. I think single tone would be better in that situation.

I'm confused by the question.  Did you mean 'single frequency' instead of 'single tone'?  Assuming that, you probably haven't given us enough information.  How bad is the EMI; specifically what sensitivity setting in simultaneous multi-frequency (SiMF) does the EMI allow you to operate?  Also, the intended targets (particularly the conductivities of those targets) could matter.

Bottom line -- it's probably something best determined by trial at a particular site and intended target.  I was in a super high EMI permission a couple years ago mostly coin hunting but also accepting smallish relics.  I had the choice of turning down the gain to about 15 in MF or running pretty much any gain (I think I chose 22) in 15 kHz or 20 kHz.  I chose high gain in 15 kHz but that wasn't necessarily an empirical choice, more of a seat-of-the-pants decision at the time.  (FWIW, I left feeling a lot of good targets were passed over.  If I could get back there I'd spend more time experimenting with a few targets to select my settings.  But agree that SiMF at lower gain vs. single frequency at high gain would be one of the decisions to be made.)

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