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Get Your New Gpx-6000 From Gerry's Detectors And Learn From The Best

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Gerry's Detectors of Boise, Idaho is one of the longest lasting and well known Gold Detector dealers of Minelab in the US.  Since I have used every PI Minelab with Success since the SD-2100, I know their reputation and I know our 3 day Field Training is the best in the industry.  So knowing that many of my successful customers on this fine Detector Prospector Forum are going to be getting on board with the new GPX-6000, I placed an extremely large order has a large order.  If you are out of of the state of Idaho and purchase direct from me, I do not charge sales tax.  I'm expecting first shipment anytime, so reserve yours now.

As a Marine veteran who has a long family list of different branches of the military, I am honored to provide the full 15% military discount to those who have earned it.

Gerry McMullen
Gerry's Metal Detectors

Picture is some of the gold I found on a week when I was taking groups to Ganes Creek, AK.  Our good buddy Steve, told me I was good enough to get there and make some money, which I did.


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    • By Kickindirt
      Excellent condition Xp ORX 9" X35 coil with wireless headphones. I used my deus armcuff shaft assembly when using this, so the armcuff assembly is brand new unused. Some signs of use on the coil cover. Purchased earlier this year will come with purchase reciept for warranty. $549 shipped

    • By Doc
      So you are waiting patiently for your new GPX6000 machine to be released into your sweaty little hands.  $6000 for this amazing little piece of technology and you're just going to let it lay around in the dirt?  No!  Of course not!  You're going to pre-order one of Doc's Nugget Stalker® Brand covers.  $129.95.  4 pieces counting the removable shade cover.  The entire cover package only weighs 8.5 ounces.

      Just like the GPX6000 these covers will be in short supply initially, so don't delay, be the first to get in line. (I will probably bring in 200 by air to get the ball rolling but the bulk of the thousands I have being made will have to come by boat, and that is going to be a long time consuming process because of the boats being so backed up.)  I just read that Los Angeles usually processes 10 freight boats a day and has 2 anchored off shore waiting their turn.  Now they are processing 15 a day and have 35 waiting off shore.

      I have several Premiere Nugget Stalker® brand dealers, in alphabetical order:  Bill Southern from Nugget Shooter.com in Morristown, AZ.  Chris Gholson from Arizona Outback, Gerry McMullen from Gerry's Detector Sales in Boise, and Rob Allison from Rob's Detector Sales in Surprise Arizona Nuggethunting.com  Call one of these dealers today and get your pre-order in.

      By the way, we have our Nugget Stalker® picks back in stock.  the above Nugget Stalker® dealers have those IN STOCK right now.  These fantastic picks are premium made forged hardened steel heads, ash handles, 24 inches overall, 12 inch long by approx 6 inch wide blade.  Made in the U.S.A. Includes super magnet screwed to the head.  $99.95

      Thank you,


    • By Goldseeker5000
      I'm running a summer sale on The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide - $4.95 off.  Australia orders are welcome. Shipping to Australia has been averaging $25.00-31.00 USD.
      Type in this promotion code below the checkout button.
      Just go through the steps as you are placing your order and when you see the checkout button look below it and it will ask if you have a promotion code, click on it and type this code in and it will apply the discount. Thank you for letting me know.
      The Aussies who have bought it love it and say it will benefit them in Australia. Sale will end May 31 !

    • By Bryan
      Greetings from the 49th State! Alaska Mining & Diving Supply (AMDS) has received our Spring stock of all things prospecting!!! We have been outfitting miners in the Last Frontier since 1976. Dredges, high-bankers, dredge/banker combos, sluices, detectors, dry suits, pans, picks, classifiers, a library of books, and everything in between!!! Stock is moving fast so don't delay. Stop in, call us (907.277.1741), or jump on our website here ---> AKMining.com

    • By Bryan
      Alaska Mining & Diving Supply (AMDS) has a large order of Minelab GPX 6000 detectors on the way. Models will be shipped first come, first serve, and will be shipped by FREE 2 Day Fed Ex to get it to you quickly and reliably. We expect our first shipment soon (our order size is large enough the detectors will arrive in batches), so reserve yours now. I'm the new mining manager at AMDS, and would love to hear from you! 
      As a recently retired veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, I fully support my fellow service members, and we here at AMDS honor the 15% military discount offered by Minelab. 
      Be safe out there and have a great season!
      Minelab GPX 6000 at Alaska Mining & Diving
      Bryan Alexander
      Mining and Power Equipment Manager
      Alaska Mining and Diving
      Anchorage, AK 99501
    • By Jim McCulloch
      I am closing out the last of my gold Master GMT and 24K coils and coil covers. All of these are absolutely brand new, never mounted on a rod. Each coil comes with a brand new coil cover. All prices are postpaid. GMT Sierra Gold Max $120. Two are available. GMT 10 x 6 standard Double D coil $120. One available . 24K 14 x 8 coil, $200. Two are available. Individual coil covers 10 x 6 oval GMT $11. The Flat 6 in round coil for the 24K and GMX $11. The 6 by 4 shooter oval coil $10. I have several of each of the ladder coils you can contact me at 760 401-7514.
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