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Cash - How Did It Start?? Maybe This Way

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Scrap bronze as the first cash in the western world.

P.S. what’s it with “Wampum” a string of beads is cash??? OOps - maybe it’s just the first Bitcoin. An unfalsifiable evidence of work done (like bitcoin mining) worth something because it is concrete evidence of work done????

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Thanks Rick, a very interesting article.. it's a bit hard to wrap my head around the notion that 1350-500 BC people were weighing scrap bronze to use for cash.. I always thought the use of money came much later.. your Bitcoin analogy also resonates as just this morning my son was encouraging me to mine bitcoin.. Just like scrap bronze for cash that's another idea to wrap my old fashioned brain around.. 

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3 hours ago, rvpopeye said:

Maybe ML will come out with a bitcoin detector ?

Better chance they will detect  bronze.

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