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Thanks Condor, the three of you gave a well-rounded picture - i'm appreciative

of the time taken to share with us.

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Thanks for doing the work and time finding and testing the undug targets. If you want to borrow this 8" sometime let me know, I bet there's more nugs hiding in there somewhere where that salt gets excessively gnarly if you want to try someday. I'm going to go back there sometime with it in the worst salty part just to see how it does.

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9 hours ago, Condor said:

I'll turn 67 years young next month and my detecting shoulder has been nagging me for several years.  I have fashioned a hipstick that transfers the detector weight into the frame of an archery fanny pack with shoulder straps.  I thought it was great until I swung the 6000 with 11" coil.  Regrettably, I decided to run the 6000 with the 17" coil with no bungee this morning.  45 minutes and I was done, hence my abbreviated time on the 6000. 

Thanks for that mate, as I'm 6 years closer this month to expiry date than you and it good to see the weight advantage for us older guys that you posted.

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nice to know Steve , you need to take it easy on your old self.

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On 5/11/2021 at 11:26 PM, jasong said:

I'm going to go back there sometime with it in the worst salty part just to see how it does.

Jason, I just got home from running Steve’s 6000.  End of that hill with my stock 7000 coil and my Favorite settings had me running to find milder ground.  The 6000 ran very nice in that Toxic ground.  Thanks Steve H.  Fell in love with with your 6000 and your generosity to give it a go!  It didn’t fail, everyone had a rattle in the poke bottle.  It’s everything you wrote about!  Oh we paired your Avantree shoulder speaker nice, sounded great!  Just wondering if their water resistant and what they’d feel on your neck on a hot day...couldn’t be worse than a hot headphones 😂.  11” coil seems to be the ticket.  We tested the DD Coil on undisturbed targets, deadly smooth.  Seemed we had to swing the coil slower than the 11” Mono to sound on the target as all but one was very small bits of wire and one flat dink nugget.  I was very satisfied with the DD Coil and I know there will be some great find with it as I tend to avoid Salty Noisy areas unless I know there’s good gold in it and will adjust my 7000 to try to deal with it.  I’m going to have to order another one, I’ll never get it out of Robin’s hands!


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    • By sturt
      Hi all, just found on Gumtree Aust a Minelab GPX 6000 for sale. Only the box in the picture. Listed yesterday by Shawn Gib from Sydney. Asking $9000.
      Says your beating the que price is firm. Does anyone know who this is? I take it is a fake so be aware, or someone has one from a dealer? cheers sturt
    • By Reg Wilson
      Firstly my thanks to the guys at Coiltek.
      After dreadful weather here in central Victoria, and recovering from surgery, this morning dawned clear and sunny. Nice hot coffee and before the dew was off the ground I had the 6000 cranked up. Rudimentary reading of the manual the previous day saw the new detector humming sweetly after a short warm up. JP had been most helpful with a few tips on the local Finders forum, so it was quite easy to feel a certain amount of confidence as I ground balanced and paired up the headphones, which are surprisingly good compared to some of Minelab's previous offerings.
      There is a shallow but substantial lead running west to east across my fifty acre property which yielded a small amount of gold to my GPZ a few years back. I had gridded out the most promising area at the time, so it seemed obvious that this would be a good place to test my new toy. Not bothering to take a pick I headed off towards the east end of the block.
      Where on earth did these signals come from? A number were I am sure just shotgun pellets, but a few were at a reasonable depth as I tilted the coil to get some idea of just how deep. The more interesting signals I marked with boot scuffs and will check out within the next few days. I did not get to go back for my pick as a visitor turned up to have me check his detector.
      Initial impressions; Pretty damned good.
    • By Ridge Runner
      Six Thousand dollars to put out on anything is a large investment to make .
       I just wonder how many of you have committed yourself to buying the 6000 already?
       I’ve had a long talk with one Minelab dealer and he has been told that the 6000 may slow in coming to the US because of the high volume going to other countries. That’s due to the gold rush is there not here.
       For you that live in gold country it may be a easy discussion but for those of us  that don’t we may have to think about it a while.
       I myself don’t have a bass boat parked in my drive with a big motor and trailer so this year I’m going to be good to me .
       I will have a 6000 as soon as I can get  my hot little hands on one.
       How about you is Santa going to come early?
       The Best!
    • By afreakofnature
      8 grammer found at 11 inches.  Nothing special as most detectors PIs should see something that big at that depth, but at least we get to see a big one finally found on film.
    • By mn90403
      I don't know how many 6000s are already 'in the system' as complete units in the box ready for use but the Covid count in Malaysia is forcing them to shut down some things.
      Be prepared for a long wait with the chip shortage.
    • By Bilda
      I’m wondering if the double D coil on the 6000 discriminates on metal like the 5000 does?
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