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My Abbreviated Session With The 6000

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Thanks Condor, the three of you gave a well-rounded picture - i'm appreciative

of the time taken to share with us.

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Thanks for doing the work and time finding and testing the undug targets. If you want to borrow this 8" sometime let me know, I bet there's more nugs hiding in there somewhere where that salt gets excessively gnarly if you want to try someday. I'm going to go back there sometime with it in the worst salty part just to see how it does.

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9 hours ago, Condor said:

I'll turn 67 years young next month and my detecting shoulder has been nagging me for several years.  I have fashioned a hipstick that transfers the detector weight into the frame of an archery fanny pack with shoulder straps.  I thought it was great until I swung the 6000 with 11" coil.  Regrettably, I decided to run the 6000 with the 17" coil with no bungee this morning.  45 minutes and I was done, hence my abbreviated time on the 6000. 

Thanks for that mate, as I'm 6 years closer this month to expiry date than you and it good to see the weight advantage for us older guys that you posted.

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On 5/11/2021 at 11:26 PM, jasong said:

I'm going to go back there sometime with it in the worst salty part just to see how it does.

Jason, I just got home from running Steve’s 6000.  End of that hill with my stock 7000 coil and my Favorite settings had me running to find milder ground.  The 6000 ran very nice in that Toxic ground.  Thanks Steve H.  Fell in love with with your 6000 and your generosity to give it a go!  It didn’t fail, everyone had a rattle in the poke bottle.  It’s everything you wrote about!  Oh we paired your Avantree shoulder speaker nice, sounded great!  Just wondering if their water resistant and what they’d feel on your neck on a hot day...couldn’t be worse than a hot headphones 😂.  11” coil seems to be the ticket.  We tested the DD Coil on undisturbed targets, deadly smooth.  Seemed we had to swing the coil slower than the 11” Mono to sound on the target as all but one was very small bits of wire and one flat dink nugget.  I was very satisfied with the DD Coil and I know there will be some great find with it as I tend to avoid Salty Noisy areas unless I know there’s good gold in it and will adjust my 7000 to try to deal with it.  I’m going to have to order another one, I’ll never get it out of Robin’s hands!


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