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Eric you should point out that the smaller gold colour coin is a $2 and the larger ones are a $1 coin. At least NZ have got the size right. I have found that there is a lot more $2 coins that $1 at most of the beaches that I have done. Back in the 1980s when detecting was new it was a contest to see who got to $100 first the wife or me.

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8 hours ago, geof_junk said:

I have found that there is a lot more $2 coins that $1 at most of the beaches that I have done.

Very true, I've often thought the same.. everyone seems to lose the little buggers.. That's half the reason I kept going into 'coin mode', all those 2 dollar coins add up quick.. it feels like the detector is paying for itself with some dollars left over for a case of beer at the end of the week.. It's rarer to find jewellery (but always a bigger buzz) and most of my finds I've given away, it's been a bit like 'if the ring fits she was obviously meant to wear it'.. but i'll be hanging onto the necklace a bit longer, not that'll wear it but because it's chunky and heavy and gold.. and bragging rights at the pub! 😃 

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This digging everything malarkey is working out well.. here's some more finds over the last few days.. the best one is the silver 1 florin - 2 shilling coin (King George 1912).. I had no idea there was such a coin.. another great find was the other butterfly brooch, just like the one I found a few months back.. they've got to be a pair.. there was also a Ripcurl watch and a radio from a weather balloon..  





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Interesting variety on that hunt !

AND Matching butterflies !  THAT was a lucky find. 



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2 minutes ago, rvpopeye said:

Interesting variety on that hunt !

Thanks rvpopeye, these finds were over a few days at different bays around the island.. the coin was at a place i've called the 'silver mine' where i was trying out my new 15'' Coiltex coil on my Foxy Noxy.. early days yet but it does seem to punch a bit deeper than the largest Minelab coil, at least on the beach.. also found a few silver 'ram's head' shillings and an assortment of 6 and 3 pence.. 

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    • By Againstmywill
      I'm visiting family and went to a middle school track today where I found a 14k tiger pendant last year. Within the first 10 minutes there was a strong 11 on the Equinox. I didn't really have to dig because the ring was only down about 1/2" due to not sinking into the ground because the blacktop track was under the grass right at the edge of the inside lane. Didn't find much else besides coins after that. Might anyone have an idea what the stones might be? 

    • By Againstmywill
      Was detecting today around a pond that is used by many people. I had one hour, and the 15" on the Equinox was flying. I hit a strong 35-36 which caused my legs to lock up and reverse to make sure of the initial sound. Decided to dig it because it was not indicating it was big when I raised the coil. It was dark enough that I thought it was a silver ring until I got home. I've considered trying to make one of these, and this might be the impetus.

    • By mn90403
      I saw some waves last night and thought I'd get in a wet beach detect today before I drive to a one day desert hunt in the Southern California mountains.  I didn't know what to expect and I didn't find very much of interest but I did find this pendant.   
      Does anyone know anything about it and what the symbols and writings mean?  I'll do an image search and post what I find.

    • By Tahoegold
      So, I really like the Makro Gold Racer. I keep finding more things about it. Recently, I found a really tiny 14k gold chain visually, just lying on the ground.  I had my compadre and it couldnt pick it up. I took the chain home and tried it on my GR. I had the factory settings, 10 on disc, using Disc 2 the deeper one, and tone break at 30. Nothing, I couldn't get it to detect it.
      So, while I was waving this chain in front of the 10" DD coil I started lowering the disc, I realized the ID number was about 3. So, I experimented with going one number at a time all the way to 0. At 1 I could get a somewhat clear signal. At zero it was a nice signal. Even the big coil coild pick it up at about an inch.
      I have been trying to find micro jewelery with no luck. Maybe this is why. I have not used the disc mode in all metal. You see, I really like the clear signal the disc modes give. I have a hard time "reading" the all metal mode. I can really hear the signals in the disc modes. Why is the all metal mode so hard to understand? So very faint target sounds compared to the really obvious ones in disc.
      So, am I searching in all metal when disc is at 0? It sure seems as deep and sensitive as all metal. I get much more audible info than all metal in my opinion. However, I have to state here, I'm not an expert. I know the all metal has a way of indicating a target with thresh hold sounds too, or, the silence of the thresh hold sometimes on tiny targets. But, it's not as easy as this method. I really could hear this tiny chain this way.
      Can I hunt just as effectively like this or should I keep trying to learn the all metal mode? What's your opinions? And, please, lets keep this discussion to the Gold racer and those who have one. 
      I'm actually really glad to have discovered this. I'm fortunate to have this chain to test.
    • By cuniagau
      I dug another fake Cartier LOVE ring yesterday.  Second one dug on this beach.  Even though I could not read the hallmark inside the ring (gotta have my cheaters for that) I knew it was just like two others that I dug last year and the year before.  I do have one real one though.  I dug it last year.  All the white gold ones are fake.  The gold colored one is real.  These are getting to be a little to plentiful.  LOL 

    • By Tiftaaft
      My buddy, and member of this forum FlySAR has been providing ring finding service for years in the Portland Metro Area.  As I learned many ropes from him, I became the RingFinder rep for the Olympia WA area before my move to Houston.  Below is the link to a video posted by the Oregonian On-line newspaper on one of his ring finds.  I hope you enjoy the ending as much as I did... Congrats Del, I'm humbled and honored to call you my friend.
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