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Can We Stir The Pot? Minelab GPZ 7000 Still King Of Detectors In The U.S.

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A fun read Rob and thought provoking. Thanks.

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Can We Stir The Pot? Minelab GPZ 7000 Still King Of Detectors In The U.S.
1 hour ago, Rob Allison said:

The bottom line is I still feel the Minelab GPZ 7000 is the KING of detectors when it comes to depth.  Many Australian, African and US prospecting friends still feel the same.

I agree with you Rob, and Minelab is not saying anything different. If you truly want the machine that goes deepest on big gold, get or keep the GPZ 7000. I don't think I've said otherwise. GPX 5000 with a huge coil will also hit large gold deeper.

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Hey Steve,

  Nope, you have similar thoughts on the depth ability of the GPZ, but the weight, price and other factors could discourage many to go that route.  

Agreed, many previous PI's with larger coils could hit gold at good depth.  A coil that has been somewhat overlooked outside of Australia is the Detech 32" Round Concentric coil.  This coil will work on the Minelab PI's and gets great depth and coverage on large gold.  


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3 hours ago, Rob Allison said:

I figured we can stir the pot just a little while we wait out the release of the Minelab GPX 6000, right?  

Thanks for stirring up the pot, Rob. I am waiting for the 6000 like a kid is waiting for X-mas (already fully pre-paid back in March...). But I would never give up my 7. It is fun- vs. gladiator style detecting. I happen to like both!

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I wish that they would release the tests or if somebody could even mimic them. I would like to see the 40% deeper in a controlled setting.  I know that nobody likes air tests but in theory air tests keeps the “ground” as a constant, because there is none.  It does provide information.  You would think you could see the 40% pretty easily that way.  I do think that Minelab should be able to explain their tests and how to mimic them because if somebody cannot mimic them, then this is considered false advertising and could possibly open up litigation.  I want repeatable scientific lab setting proof!!!  There has to be somebody over in Australia that has both machines they could try this out real quick.  

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1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I'm overreacting to this, which is a sign I've gone too far, and am burning out, so it's time to step away and take a breather. As they say in Oz - Cheers! :smile:

Yes you are extremely over reacting to my comment.  I never once said Steve, I said "they" as in Minelab.  I also never asked "you" to perform anything.  I even said in my comment folks in "Australia".  I listen to what everyone says about their opinions and thoughts on any equipment and many times I have given "likes" to what people have written or told us.  I enjoy reading all about every piece of equipment.  Is it so wrong to question or ask for proof?  Is it wrong to ask if Minelab is making false claims?  Am I supposed to believe the doctor that distributes snake oil that cures everything?  Steve, lighten up, not every question or comment is directed at you and your experiences.  It almost seems you don't want people to see if they can repeat the claims Minelab makes.  Rob said that Minelab still states that it is 40% deeper over GPX machines, so...... doesn't anyone want to SEE if that is true?  Especially on this new GPX.  I thought this forum was about discussion.  If I was to take the word of everyone on this forum I would have cut my cord for a X-coil a hell of a long time ago, glad I did not take their word.

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Your words are solid gold, your GPX 6000 Poke is poof in the Pudding!  I know the same ground your Detecting, it’s been pounded by every detector ever made.  There’s still Virgin Patches of Gold out in the Millions of Acres of the High Deserts of Northern Nevada.  All I’m looking for in Patch Hunting is “One Duck” and my current 7 pound Shotgun has me feeling my age after a day of Sage Brush Dancing.  There’s to many videos out to say the 6000 doesn’t find missed gold in old haunts.  That old saying that only 1% find gold consistently with the same detector as others continue to get skunked with is true.  I’ve helped out hundreds with detector settings and pointy fingers only to see them wonder far out of the Patch boundary and when they return to find out they switched their setting I gave them for the soil of the patch.  Being retired Military with the “Old Sarge” mentality I know I can’t help everyone.  Some will fall to the side and some will match or exceed you.  I Tend to these people.  Your Forum is the best and one I “Tend”...some will fall to the side and move on in their own way.  You keep showing your Proof in the Pudding and Tend to the one(s) Forum Member that will exceed/excel in your reviews.



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The issue I think is we don’t have our new toy yet, as soon as they are in our hot little hands all will be good and we’ll be to busy digging holes to speculate on anything. Going on here, all the banter more post (pre) incident stress debriefing than questioning any advice from anyone of our trusted experts, I can’t think of one single instance when anyone respected here has ever intentionally advocated here based on personal gain or ever acted in any way other that to do their best to help others and to support the activity of metal detecting and none more so that our host here Steve H. We’re just relieving a bit of stress impatiently waiting, hmmm nervously  awaiting the new arrival. 

I know the list I’m on is long, my fingers are crossed the shipment is large enough I get one in the first batch, I put my trust and money in one of our resident experts a regular here and based on the number of preorders a lot of others trust the advice they get  here too.

Steve, the toughest part of being at the top is how seldom you get told what a great job you are doing, mostly people just are not in a position to evaluate the guy at the top this way and although universally everyone holds none higher than you, it gets unsaid. Trust too in the fact if circumstance ever changed and you were to find yourself the one in need the outpouring here would be widespread and generous.

Thank you for all you do.

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    • By NvAuMiner
      Is there or has there been any comparison testing done in the field on depth with the 6000 vs the 7000 using the NF 12" Z-search coil.
      Thanks . . .
    • By NvAuMiner
      Is there or has there been any comparison testing done in the field on depth with the 6000 vs the 7000 using the NF 12" Z-search coil.
      Thanks . . .
    • By phrunt
      I haven't done a story on a gold find for a while, partly because once you find a patch with a bunch of nuggets everything else seems pretty insignificant, a couple of months ago  I did just that, it's only my second patch but had quite a number of nuggets, I'd guess at least 40 (Correction: at least 80 nuggets) and over 30 grams in total.   I lost count of both the nuggets and the grams we got out of it in the end.  I did take a couple of videos on the first and second day of it, after that I stopped filming and just worried about detecting as filming videos is very time consuming and wastes valuable detecting time 🙂   That patch has been the highlight of my detecting time and hopefully I can find another in the future, I'll put links to the videos for anyone that wants to watch them and hasn't seen them already.
      Now to the more recent adventure, one of the most common gold spots I've been to is being developed, very soon it will no longer exist, already a large area of it has disappeared over the past few months with more to go yet, seeing it's probably the closest gold spot to home and one I've found a reasonable amount of gold before so it will be missed greatly.  It's obviously getting extremely hard to find gold there as it's not a huge area really and it's been done a lot over the years by a number of people being an obvious spot to look.
      My focus on this day was to take advantage of how well the GPZ and Concentric coil handles EMI to hunt almost exclusive in and around the power lines where people including myself with previous setups were unable to really detect very well, especially with my GPX 4500, it was terrible near the power lines, and what inspired me to try out a QED which ended up working quite well under the power lines but just didn't have the power of the GPZ.
      I didn't take all that many photos as my aim was to get some video, I always struggle to get gold finds on video as I just use my phone to film and I have to put it down to do the recovery 🙂 I have a GoPro but just haven't bothered to use it yet. 
      I went to some bedrock and worked my way up digging every signal and recording and deleting all the recordings as they were turning out to be shotgun pellets, this is entirely normal in this area as it has a big rabbit plague and shooters love spreading their pellets around all over the place for me to dig back up again.
      Here is a video of the first gold find, a .109 of a gram nugget, I was pretty happy with that to start the day as often at this location I go home empty handed.  I didn't get the entire thing on video and I had my detector in difficult from when I was messing around the other day doing some testing and didn't check my settings, I'd never normally use difficult in my soil as Normal works just fine. Fortunately it didn't prevent me finding the gold, or the numerous pellets before it 
      Once I'd finished that bedrock area I walked up under the power lines to detect hoping I'd find something others couldn't get, I took a little video there of how the detector was working under the lines, I really love how well the GPZ handles power lines seeing they're in many of my gold areas.  You'll also notice at the end of the video the millions of bits of rabbit poo on the ground, this is the reason for the shotgun pellets everywhere.
      You'll notice in the video I discover I'm in difficult and seem a bit surprised, this is when I worked out I may have wasted the past hour detecting in difficult and it went through my head now I'll have to go check that bedrock again 😛  I was quite happy at that point I took the video or I may not have noticed for the rest of the day.
      I started detecting along under the power lines and ended up in a little area I don't think I've been into before, I'm terrible with directions and locations so it's quite possible I have been there before and don't remember it but it didn't look familiar, I was still recording every target dig to try get a gold find on video and managed to do it, I think this might be my first time ever getting one from start to finish on video, quite happy with that.
      And a couple of photos of it.

      And my lucky last nugget of the day if you could call it that was a 0.038 of a gram nugget, very shallow on some bedrock, it took me about 20 minutes to recover this one, but I only got a portion of it on video, I kept moving it around but couldn't pick it up, I had no idea where it was in the cleared area, I was wishing I had a VLF with me with tiny coil to narrow it down.

      I'd imagine there are quite a lot of these little guys around it's just the amount of pellets you'd have to dig to find them would be crazy.  I do it more for the challenge but the novelty wears off after digging a massive amount of pellets and not finding any nuggets and if you ignore the pellets you'll miss these little bits of gold. 
      So here are the 3 little bits for the day

      and the weights

      All a bit of good fun, I really enjoy chasing these little bits especially after the first one pops up to get you into gear looking for more.  I can't compete with the photos lately out of Alaska for gold though, I'm just glad I can do the hobby near home and find a few bits to keep me happy.
      Here is a little tour video of where I was detecting.
      Keep in mind to run these coils you need to have an adapter and that involves cutting the end off your existing GPZ coil and making an adapter out of it, it should only ever be taken on by someone very skilled at electronics or really the best thing to do is get a professional to make the adapter for you to avoid any problems.
    • By phrunt
      I change coils more than most, in fact I've changed coils 10 times in a day when testing out various coils on bits of gold, by doing this I'd caused myself some lower shaft wobble, it turns out I'd cracked part of a clip on the shaft, the clip with the little rubber pad had a crack in it, so the shaft wasn't holding on tight.  I suspect the people that had upper shaft issues where it wobbles a bit have either got the same crack on the pressure pad or they've just worn the little bit of rubber out.  Fortunately it's a very easy and cheap fix.
      Here are the part numbers for the clip mechanism
      X2 8008-0056 Pressure blocks
      X1 8008-0072 Camlock lever
      X1 4308-0033 Pin
      The part I'd broken was the pressure blocks.  They come in a twin pack for replacement and are very easy to replace.

      You dismantle the clip by removing the pin, I used a small screw driver to push it out of the clip.  You then just use a small flat head screw driver to lever them off, pushing each side of the pressure block away from the camlock lever as pictured below.

      This is the shaft with the clip removed.  You can see the grooves cut out of it where the pressure pads need to slide into so when reassembling made sure they're straight so they fit into the groove.

      You can see the little circular lump on the left hand side pressure pad, it's what goes into that dug out groove.

      This is how the rubber pads look, I guess they can wear out over time and if they do your shaft would be wobbly.

      Minelab sell all the parts individually, so you can just order what you need for the repair.  They were very helpful with me, and had me solved by the next day using express shipping.  I bought a heap of the little parts so I have spares seeing I change coils so often.
      In my case I just needed the pressure blocks, the pin and camlock lever were obviously fine.
      So if anyone's putting up with some shaft wobble, it's cheap and simple to fix.
    • By Erik Oostra
      I’ve been following the battle between the old dog (GPZ-7000) and young dog (GPX-6000) with keen interest.. From what I can make of it, the young dog’s winning its battles in the USA and the old dog in Australia.. So far it seems the old dog can handle a scruff on heavily mineralized and ‘hot rock’ infested grounds better than the young dog, who prefers milder grounds.. But it’s too early in the day to scorn the young dog, it’s only just finding its feet in the world.. The old dog might’ve fought it out with other GPXs and always come out on top, but this young dog seems to have more sense of geology than its cousins.. Maybe a few more dust-ups in the old dog’s yard might do the young dog some good.. Or maybe the old dog won’t let the young dog anywhere near its yard no more? Maybe they should flog it out on neutral grounds somewhere, another 'Rumble in the Jungle'? Only time will tell who emerges Top Dog of the World , as with most other dog fights.. Hackles come up and fur starts to fly..  
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