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Second-first Day With The New Nugget Finder 12" Round Z Searchcoil For GPZ 7000

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  • Rob Allison changed the title to Second-first Day With The New Nugget Finder 12" Round Z Searchcoil For GPZ 7000

15 minutes ago, Rob Allison said:

Congrats on all the new NF Z Searchoil owners and new ones to come!

Love the coil, Rob. First day got me 4 pickers, one weighs 1.3g. My first impression is that the coil appears to be more sensitive than the stock coil, somewhat less prone to EMI but still salt sensitive however (not unexpectedly). The reduced weight is definitely a plus. More field testing will come next week. But thus far I am super impressed.

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Hey Gold Catcher,

   Ya, I gotten a lot of feedback so far, everyone is super impressed by then.  I love the fact it's even more sensitive, but the biggest factor is the weight overall of the GPZ 7000, so the lighter coil makes it easy hunting without a bungee all day for me.  

Here are a few more pictures of the first coil I got, notice the logo is slightly a bit different than the new one.  

IMG_2539 (1).jpg

IMG_2545 (1).jpg

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Yours has the same logo as mine, I believe that was the logo used on the first batch then it changed over to a new logo for some reason.


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How do you like the NF, Simon? I know you have a preference for the X-coils, just wondering how it measures up in your view ?

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The main difference I found between it and the standard GPZ coil was the weight, noticeably lighter.   I think with coils the standard rules apply for most coils though with the same winding type, the smaller the coil the more sensitive to small gold and that's what I've been finding.

It's a good thing for people that find the standard coil heavy, and now with the lightweight 6000 out anything to lighten up the 7000 a bit sure doesn't hurt and the NF coil feels a fair bit lighter 🙂 

I've only used it a couple of times prospecting, other than that just some experimenting and comparing.

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Wow $1,100.  I thought they were suppose to come in at $900 but Covid probably changed that.

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Hey Guys,

   Thanks for the comments.  

Phrunt - Yep, I had the first version for the test coil and now I have the newer logo version.  

AfreakofNature - I never heard of any price before hand, but figured they were going to be around $1,000 or so basing it off of what the stock replacement coil costs and the 19" coil at $1500.  


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    • By phrunt
      I used my Equinox a lot in longer grass, and also in very rocky areas.  The spoked design coils are never my preference but that's all the Equinox has.  I couldn't believe it when the Coiltek 10x5" came out as an open design and I asked if they intended to make a solid coil cover for it, they told me no they don't.  It would be very funny if Nugget Finder started making solid skid plates for the Coiltek Nox coils, In fact I hope they do.
      I noticed they have them for the Equinox 11" coil, so I just had to have one.  I hope they continue this trend and make them for 6" coil too. 
      Seems well built, fits well... is solid, what more could I ask for?

      Now I just hope they make more sizes for the other coils, especially the Coiltek 10x5" and ML 6".
    • By 1515Art
      It was almost to hot out to detect in Arizona, Meadview was listed at 106 and it felt every bit of that and more swinging the 7000 out at Gold Basin working my way down a breezeless wash in the scorching hot sun. It was hot but tolerable at sunrise by 10AM I was keenly aware the potential for heat stroke. constantly sipping from the camel back I was feeling dehydrated, at 11AM I was getting a headache and decided to retreat to my air conditioned trailer luckily the new coil had come thru and I had 2 in the poke.
      After a snack of this tasty little container of tuna in lemon and thyme I’d picked up at the market with crackers a couple bottles of water and an air conditioned nap until 2 PM, I headed out to explore for new ground in my air conditioned Jeep and hunting a few places briefly as much as I could tolerate but despite good looking ground nothing to show for my effort, I was thankful at least everything went without a hitch a flat tire or breakdown would have been brutal.
      getting back to camp the sun was beginning to set and while hot without the sun beating down doable for another swing with zed, I managed to pick up one more from the location hunted in the morning and a second from a spot on an opposite hill side before giving up.
      today I ran the full set of ornaments, wm12 into the SP01 with Bose ear buds and the 12” Z Search coil, I ran hot sen 18, vol 14, smoothing off, normal, thresh 26, semi auto gb and I had no difficulty telling targets from hot rocks for the most part and the target signals were clearly targets running with and without the SP01 I much prefer the audio with the SP01 the signals seem tighter and the coil runs a bit smoother.
      all in all, 4 little nuggets and two meteorites one a tiny tiny iron nickel in a few hours time behind the coil, I’m happy.

    • By 1515Art
      Got out for a hunt today in some of the worst conditions I’ve ever detected in, the wind was howling and the EMI was in machine gun mode so bad until afternoon when the atmosphere finally settled down it was impossible to detect. Then in the late afternoon the sky cleared a bit and my coil found itself over 6 little nuggets all found within an hour inside a 25 yard by 25 yard area, not a virgin patch but a patch!

    • By nebulanoodle
      Here are a couple things I've run into detecting lately that I figured I could share here for some motivation!
      This first one comes from a patch where the trash is elusive and the hot rocks are warm at the worst.

      This one gram specimen is the first specimen I've ever found at this location. I found it detecting a small gully on a big hill sitting near the top of a cut bank about 2 feet above the surface of the bed of the gully. It was the first gold find on that particular outing and in an area near my main patch which I hadn't yet found gold, let alone detected much at all.
      What's more special about this little guy is that all I had found up to that point detecting new areas was trash (bullets and bits of steel). When I started detecting this gully, all was silent for about 20 minutes until I swung my coil over something that screamed really loud and sharp. After I moved it in one boot scrape into the gully, I knew it was going to be a .22 shell or some nice chunk of a bullet. But I gotta recover it right!? Whether it's just to remove the trash to clean the area up or to find out for sure if it's trash. Well, these finds are the most satisfying type! KNOWING I found trash and then somewhere along with all the nudging around I somehow managed to perform some alchemy and it turned the bullet into a nice little chunk of gold! So dig it all!!!
      Bringing me right into my next reality checker find! Back to a very old patch where there is a lot of old diggings, trash, and black hot-HOT rocks!

      Here I am on this trip, 13 hours of detecting, 0g of gold, 10oz of steel/aluminum/brass, and 50kg of HOT iron nodules kicked and/or tossed behind me until finally, I get back onto some gold missed by who knows how many enterprising prospectors. Now it's about enough to drive me mad and hopeless with that much skunk! Is my detector working? Yes, remember all the small bits of steel found at depth and how well the detector responds to air tests today. Is all the gold gone? No, you're still digging targets no one else has bothered with in old placer diggings that you've found gold in before. Should I stop digging at signals when I can see a hot rock sitting on the surface under my coil? No, what if it's masking a nugget!
      Well, it happened! I moved one of those hot rocks, still a signal... Another hot rock! I'll move it... Still a signal. Another hot rock!? ...finally 8 inches deeper into the hot rock hole and I'm dealing with a steady signal, no visible hot rocks, and not much hope. But out pops a little smooshed nugget! PERSISTENCE!!! 
      Excitement, energy, and conversely, fatigue all culminating in this moment, I must still stick to SOP. Recheck the hole. STILL another steady signal. No way... YUP! Another gold find, same hole! I ask myself, "Can this hole go for three?" The hole responds with... well it doesn't respond... But if I wouldn't have moved those hot rocks, I would have never heard those little nuggets hanging out beneath them! And if I wouldn't have rechecked my hole, I would have left one behind. Could you imagine how it would have made that nugget feel, being unearthed for the first time in it's life and being left behind all alone! Stripped away from it's partner that got taken... Coulda been a shame. BUT IT WASN'T!
      Anyways! I'm looking at ~50 fun hours on my 14x9 Evo and I'm very happy with it! So here's a little Evo motto pic with about 3dwt of gold for everyone to enjoy!

    • By Rob Allison
      Hello All,
         Had a great time testing the new Nugget Finder "Z Search" Searchcoil today on a wash I haven't hunted in some time.  This small coil for the GPZ 7000 is much lighter, more sensitive and easier to pinpoint small targets with.  I was super impressed with the new coil, wish I had a few dozen in stock.  I also love the fact you don't have to modify anything, just mount and plug in like a stock GPZ coil.  
      I have already had 3 customers burn up their $8000 GPZ 7000 by making some wiring mistakes on adapters for aftermarket coils.  In my opinion, I don't recommend anyone voiding a warranty or sacrificing a $8000 metal detector if you make a mistake.  
      Pictured below are nuggets found today with the new coil here in Arizona.  The coil comes with a lower shaft, mounting hardware and skidplate.  

    • By Rob Allison
      Hello All,
         Well, here we go all, going to test the new Nugget Finder "Z Search" Searchcoil for the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector.  The coil is super light, well built and includes a lower shaft.  This coil will plug right in, no modifications needed.  I will be carrying these coils once they become available from NF.  I don't have a solid MAP price yet and already have a good amount of pre-orders and pre-down payments to hold some of the first ones in the US to be sold to the public.  
      I know this is going to be a solid searchcoil for the GPZ 7000.  I'm super excited to test the new "Z Search" out.  Thanks Nugget Finder! 
      Pictures below -

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