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Christened My Z Search Coil

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12 hours ago, Joe D. said:

  Congrats on the gold!

And the:20210609_012544.thumb.jpg.334471cff8c053107e286a3d601f7aed.jpg


+1515 with your 1515Art!🤣👍👍

Ha, I missed that completely my forum name has lost it’s relevance I need a new AKA, 1515 was the street address of my old art studio I moved shutting everything down in 2019 I should have posted more often I hit the mark to late, but maybe there was something to the timing that day,  lol. Still I hope it was the coil.

3 hours ago, flakmagnet said:

Good going, the 6000 isn't worth a thing unless it has a persistent operator.

Nice work.


persistence, one of the few variables I can control, sometimes…

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On 6/8/2021 at 10:17 AM, 1515Art said:

I’ve never been in it so bad constant for 15-20 seconds no amount of noise cancel helped at all wee-ooo then 5-10 second brake then you think you had a signal and wham wee-ooo, Wait, target gone, or try and find me… I’d hiked in a mile or more into a remote wash only to give up

I usually switch to the Bogene settings when EMI is really bad. It is not my preferred way to run the 7000, but it helps tremendously and you can still be very productive. And, you can keep your sanity at times when the EMI want's to take it from you!

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5 Hours today behind the Nuggetfinder 12. I had a chance to get out with this new coil. I like it . I can hunt longer and easier to swing on hillsides. Very good on small gold deep. Was lucky enough to find 21 nuggets. It has been a long time since I had a 21 nugget day so I am sold 100 %


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