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Are You Ready To Pull The Trigger On The 6000 ?

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5 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:


 The only thing I can say for sure if you are first in line with your money down I’m sure that dealer will take care of you. Anything beyond that is just wishful thinking..


I was one of the first to put my money down with a dealer but he won't tell me where I stand in line when he gets them in. I have a feeling he will take care of his regular customers before me since I have only made one purchase from him in the past. If that ends up being the case it will be my last purchase from him or I will get my deposit back and purchase elsewhere.

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I think it's really dodgy dealers taking money off people for a product they can't provide that's coming in the future at some point.  Our local dealer just puts names down in a list, first in first served.   We have two Minelab dealers, one of which I like the other I don't as one treats their customers well with good old fashioned service, the other not so much.   There is no need to take money other than to secure the deal to benefit them and make it less likely you going to go to another dealer if you're not happy with that dealer.  If for whatever reason during the waiting period you change your mind and don't want the product it's easy for him to just delete your name off the list then the next in line moves up a spot.  No big deal for anyone.

If a dealer tried to charge me money for something they can't provide at the time I'd go elsewhere.  Whatever excuse they come up with for doing so would not be good enough in my opinion.

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Hey Phrunt -

   I have to agree, I have been in business nearly 25 years now and always hated taking any money up front.  However, this time, I requested no one send me funds, but I ended up getting checks in the mail ..... I understand, everyone wants to get one of the first units.  

I have my fingers crossed we get more than expected on the first couple go arounds.  

Furthermore, I'm sure most US dealers have a good list of pre-orders on the GPX 6000.  I'm sure many customers, which do purchase from multiple dealers, have their names on multiple lists in hopes one dealers get more or some before the other.  

No question, there is always a lot of excitement on a new product release.  


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Where I could see taking funds up front could go very badly is if each dealer gets a small trickle like what happened in Australia, yet they have deposits from 25 or so people and get 4 detectors to sell.  How long is too long to hold onto someones money without giving them what they've paid for.  No dealer is likely to lose out with all stock selling immediately anyway so there is just no need to take peoples money prior to having stock.


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I don't see the issue?

I've only seen one dealer asking for deposits on the GPX6000 & the rest were expression of interest lists.

I voluntarily paid a deposit on mine knowing full well there was no firm release date & was prepared to wait. My aim in paying a deposit was to secure a GPX6000 within the first few batches released. As it turned out my deposit secured mine on the day they hit the dealers shop.

I had put my name down on 3 x expression of interest lists prior to putting the deposit down. Without a deposit only one of those three had contacted me in regards to actually purchasing an available unit, one contacted me to attend a demo day where it would be available to look at but not buy & one has never made contact.

IMO putting a deposit down on something sets you aside from others who may be just tyre kickers & not 100% sure if they'll purchase or not.

There are a fair few consumer items that you won't be able to purchase without a deposit but they do usually have delivery estimates. It is common with furniture, new cars etc. in Australia.

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Understood, my reasoning was there is no known date, putting a deposit down saying it'll be here in 2 weeks for delivery to you or something I'd understand more than you'll get one someday and in that situation a deposit is very reasonable  They don't even know how many they'll get so if they take too many deposits who knows when you'll get it?  As described above they may get 2 detectors per dealer and take 25 deposits, that's not going to work too well so some people may wait 6 more months or more, who knows?

It worked for you Matt, but maybe your same dealer had 20 other people paid deposits, and he had more deposits than detectors.  Still first in gets it.

The big issue is no delivery date and no security over numbers of detectors that they'll even get.

Then what if you've put a deposit down with one of the big popular dealers and they get a delivery of 5 detectors, and you'd also put your name down with a few other dealers and some obscure little dealer gets a delivery for 5 also and only has 3 customers wanting on one so calls you up to say your 6000 has arrived, please deposit the coin and we'll ship it today.  Then you've got the hassle of trying to get a refund from the other dealer that took your cash with no security on even being able to deliver the goods.

Look at the situation with Coiltek Nox coils, the same thing...with many people waiting for many months to get one, and still none available, and then my smaller dealer here has them sitting in stock  🙂

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I'd say the difference would be the first one to a 'known' patch would have an advantage and not the first one to get a detector.  If you have your own claims or you know your own patches will it really make much difference if you get a 6000 in July in hot Arizona or get your detector in September or October when it will be more comfortable?

Let's hear from those who have a 6000 ... if you had to wait 3 months or even 6 months ... would it cost you?

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Thought about it, and even put down a deposit, but then went with an 800 instead.  We’re just not that close to the kind of places where a 6000 could do anything more than what a high frequency VLF can do with a small coil.  I’ll wait a few more years for retirement when I can spend quality time with the thing out there where it can do the most. 

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Hi all. Anyone willing to say what size deposit has been paid? or asked for by the dealer?

Another issue, how secure your your deposit if the Dealer went belly up. Over here our Bankers will take your deposit to help pay the debt. Cheers sturt

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