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    • By cuniagau
      I have sent an e-mail to Felix at FT with these pictures.  Hopefully they just send me a new rod ASAP.  This is what happens when you hunt wet sand and California surf.  Or it could just have been a poor quality made rod.  Hoping for that latter as the wet sand California surf is the only place I have to use the Impulse AQ and don't want to have to worry about this again.

    • By bklein
      I have an EQ600 with a full set of coils. I was at Laguna yesterday with the large coil. I am using bluetooth earbuds that have been recommended by others. There was a lot of black sand where I was hunting. I was having the detect audio stutter like it was overloading bluetooth or the headset although I played with the detector audio and couldn’t reduce the stutter. There also seemed to be indications of a bad coil connection at the coil. Wiggle it a bit and you hear a crackle.  Never got a full disconnect though. I later ran all metal and maybe the stutter was less not sure. In disc I was stock settings masking zero and below.  But that should be a nice audio cancel - should hear good targets without them being chopped up. I found stuff but it was a miserable detecting experience. I played with recovery speed and went between beach 1 and 2 modes.  Tried messing with ground balance types too.  I found that if I was in black sand areas pinpoint would help me locate possible targets and I’d just dig them without much clue from Lcd ID or tone (running 50 tones).  I didn’t have the other coils with me to test. I tried sensitivity 17 on up. Normally was 22/23.  I was experiencing bad latency with the earbuds that I don’t remember being an issue with the 11” coil.  Just a real test of my brain the whole day.
    • By Dirk Digger
      I either need someone to help me find a manual to download for the original bandido (not 2) or I need info on what the little black knob is on the back of the control housing. Maybe how to ground balance it. General information about it.

    • By schoolofhardNox
      Does anyone know specifically what goes wrong with the Garrett AT pin pointers? Both of mine were sent in previously, and both of them developed the same issue again. They turn on but do not detect any metal. Is it the electrolytic capacitor, the flat pack The IC or is it in the coil itself that is the problem? Is that long rod a radio frequency coil? I'm kinda getting tired of pin pointers dying like that. Any ideas would be helpful.
    • By Canarias_detection
      Hello, I had a problem with my metal detector, I was using it in the water, after several months it does not turn on and shows the message "CD" on the screen and then you can see the water inside ..
      the guarantee I change it for another without problems a fast process
        I have read, that water enters through the union of the handle to the pda (subjecting screws to the mast), according to what they say, this problem only happens to those made in Malaysia ... those made in Australia do not have that problem, the first series they come out perfect
      does anyone know about this topic?
      How do I know where my detector was manufactured?
      I can attach photos of the box (where the manufacture comes) and compare with other users..thanks
      my detector is equinox 800 February 2020

    • By George1971
      Bad luck

      Hello everyone, I have the following problem and I want some advices.

      I am a minilab safari owner and I have problem with the circuit board. The Minelab dealer told me that I have to replace it and the cost is 450€ (530$), he told me also that it is better to buy something else (maybe he wants to sell).  I don’t know what to do. Replace it or buy something new? In safari I love the simplicity, the auto-tracking ground balance, the FBS technology, the depth, and that is silver killer machine. I dislike the slow processor. I have 500$ and I can’t put extra money. I do beach metal detecting mostly but also, I go to parks, fields and mountains.

      What do you suggest, fix it or buy something knew and most important what metal detector?

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