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My Orx Park Settings

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Took the ORX to a tot lot and used the park program 8.4 khz. 2.5 sweep speed and a gaine of 79 and had the disc set to 45 and was using Coin Fast and i really cleaned house this time . 14 quarters - 7 dimes- and 6 nickles and a few pennys , and some heavy foils .but the light foils sounded low and would get lost at about 2" and i would say a good hunt .the nice thing is because the ORX is so darn light i was able to cover the hole tot lot 50 feet x 50 feet. also found a brass dog walking thing.


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again using the coin fast -8.4 khz- 2.5 sweep speed in coin fast with a disc set up to 45 i found a nice 925 silver ring today. and the normal finds. also decided to dig out some iron , but the bottle cap fooled me it came in at a solid 95 right where quarters come in at  but happy with the finds



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