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How You Want Your Next Detector?

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I have three detectors that have a internal battery and one I’ve got two coils that’s like the detectors they too need to be charged. Let’s not forget they come with wireless headphones.

 Then I have three other detectors that I can use recharge batteries if I so wish . None of the three have wireless headphones. To me the great thing about them is when sitting idle I can just remove the batteries.

 I’ve never had any trouble with the ones that have a battery in them but every so often I’ve got to make my rounds charging each up.

 It’s been said the next Nokta/Makro will have a removable battery.

 I’d like to hear your view point of what you like best in what ever it may be .


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I love having devices that use general battery types that are easily replaceable by the user. That's one reason why I like the AT, Vanquish and F70/75 series of detectors so much - they all use AA batteries.

But I know this isn't the most efficient or practical way to operate a detector, especially one that's supposed to be waterproof.

Therefore, I'm willing to accept an internal battery, as long as it's easily replaceable by the user (both in terms of labor and finding a replacement cell).

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