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Pinpointer On Go Find 66 And Comparing With Gf22 And GM1000

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I have just joined your site and it's excellent. Over the last 3 years I have been Detecting with a V440 then a GM1000 for Gold prospecting in the back blocks of queensland australia. I have in my backyard buried coins and lead sinkers for experience and learning. I recently purchased a go find 66 to play with as I am an old coot thus I would rather walk all day and only dig down to 6in than digging all day deep down for nails. I found with the GF66 in heavy clay that it will pick up 10 and 8mm lead balls at 3in no problem but is marginal on 6mm, very iffy. Now if I use the pinpointer on the GF 66 it finds it no problem loud and clear. I am intrigued as to why. Is it using a higher frequency or a smaller virtual coil. In retrospect I feel it could be a change in volume so please  ignore. 

ON a second observation    $1 8in.   $1  6in.   5c 2in.    5c 4in   lead 10mm 3in.  8mm 2in.   6mm 2in. 4mm 2in

                 GM1000                NO.       NO.       YES.        YES.                  YES.              YES.      YES.       YES

                GOFIND66.           YES.        YES.      YES.         YES.                YES.           YES.       NO.       NO     

                   GOFIND22              YES           YES.        YES.          YES                    YES.             YES.        YES.       50/50


Tests done in mineralised soil GM 6 all metal. GF22. and GF66 Max. Sensitivity all metal. Interesting result. As I don't dig below 6in and prefer to spend more time covering an area than digging in lesser known locations. 

QUESTION. CAN YOU USE THE GF22 8in coil on the GF66 if you made an adapter? 



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Pinpoint mode on many detectors gives a better signal response over a deep target than normal detecting modes, someone with more knowledge than me maybe able to explain why.   On the Go-Find pinpoint mode is approximately the same depth as not notching out any targets, so using no discrimination but with louder audio. With my Go-Find 40 if I am blocking out iron and I get an iffy target, rather than just enabling iron which is cycling through all the modes I just press the pin point button and the signal response of the target improves dramatically and I use pinpoint mode to size the target and work out if I think its worth digging.  Keep in mind on the Go-Find like many detectors a deep good target will often be identified incorrectly as iron anyway.  The Pinpoint audio on the Go-Find like you've worked out is much louder than the normal audio on the targets too.

The cool thing about the Go-Find is you can enable pinpoint by pressing the button and it just stays on so you can hunt in pinpoint mode, and I've done this successfully at the beach, it gives better depth which is a good thing in our soft sand with deep targets and with the easy digging in the sand it's best to dig everything anyway as it's so easy to do.

The Go-Find loses depth with discrimination enabled like most other detectors do so it's best to not notch out anything if you're chasing deeper targets.

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