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Hi all. Long time listner, first time poster.

Rather than a rambling introduction I have a Question. It appears I am in the market for a new detector. I have an original Fisher Gold Bug in an honest "new condition", I love it and never thought I would part with it but.... do you think it would be an easy sell, or perhaps none wants these old antiques? What would be a fair price?

Only reason for me to sell it would be to fund a Gold Bug DP....if I go that route, may go for the Minelab Vanquish 540 and keep the GB.....or maybe couple other detectors I'm mulling over.

Said another way, make me an offer if interested.


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Hey FlyDog,

Welcome to the forum. 

I'm pretty sure you have to earn your stripes to sell. A rambling intro would be great!

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Welcome FlyDog,

   F350 is correct!! Check Steve H's rules on selling items on the forum! His forum!! And an introduction (read examples, if your not sure)!👍👍


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OK regarding the for sale posting thing.  Now in my defense, other than my last sentence "make me an offer if interested" my intention of the whole post was to get a feel for the salability of an original GB, and judging by the replies I'm guessing there would be little interest. I do not want to deal with the Craigslist crowd or Ebay so I guess I will keep it.

Brief rambling intro. Detecting since the 90's, not active last several years, recently getting the urge to get out so I go to my old detecting partners house to drag him out only to find he died of a stroke. Lost interest somehow after hearing that but couple days ago got out on my own anyways, feels weird.  Sonna of a .... my detector isnt working right! Thus why I am looking for a new one. 

Blah,blah,blah , I should write country music right? LOL

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   It's not you, it's us! Basically it's there for everyone's protection! We try to always be friendly and helpful, no matter what "level" we/you are! But alot of spammers and scammers assault this great forum; and many other forums! So we are cautious to "vet" as best we can! We are protective of Steve's forum, as is he! But always open to new people to make it even better! I hope that explain's it well enough!

   And it does sometimes take time to get answers to questions! Try posting under the Fisher detector "heading"! Most times "detector specific" location's on the forum, have a greater reader coverage! Meet and Greet is not really a "subject related" question area, just a "get to know you" area!

   And of course, not everyone here is a  "Greeter" type, or does it forever! I think it's a great way for us "newer" people to have a positive impact on the forum, meet new people, and also contribute something, for all the experiences and education we can gain here!  😁👍👍

PS: Sorry to hear about your detector friends passing!😔🙏  Not uncommon here either! Life's short! You do the best you can, until then!

Edited by Joe D.
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I have an original Gold Bug. You should be able to get $250 or more if it works well. The name gives it horsepower out of line with the age - it is a 45 year old detector. But Fisher does still service them, and that's a plus. A capacitor in mine finally died, very common in older detectors. They die just sitting on the shelf. Because of that they are not worth much in my opinion, but people sell them all the time. The best way to check value of used detectors is to examine the ebay "sold" listings. One just sold for $275.

As far as selling on these forums, it is only allowed on the classifieds, and only after you have made at least ten posts over a minimum of a 30 day period. I've regretted the exceptions I have made, so there are no exceptions. The service is free, but only for genuine forum members, otherwise I'd have a spamming nightmare, and have to shut it down. Even then, we have had at least a couple longer term members go off the rails and rip people off, so it's always buyer beware.

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Welcome Flydog.

So how did you come upon your forum name??

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Flight instructor gave me that nickname due to my two loves in life,OK I have too many interests to count actually. Flying and sled dogs. AKA Flydog


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1 hour ago, Flydog said:

Flight instructor gave me that nickname due to my two loves in life,OK I have too many interests to count actually. Flying and sled dogs. AKA Flydog


  Thanks for replying.

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