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Phrunt Pin Pointer....????

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Phrunt...  My 6 is headed my way on the big brown truck and the heat will have me sidelined for at least a week.  So with the 6 showing up during the heat wave I'll be sitting out I've decided to shorten up the Monster like you did and retire it temporally as a PP'er for the 6.  Question is this....does all the wire wrapping that close to the 5" coil cause you any problems or make the Monster react any different?  Thanks!!!!

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  • The title was changed to Phrunt Pin Pointer....????

Thanks Phrunt...!!!  That's what I needed to know. Been chasing down my PI targets 80% of the time with "full sized" Monster already and find that between the disc and ease of PP,ing it saves me valuable time.  Now to shorten it up and and add a strap..... jmo

Got it done and used my "detector buddy" off my etrac with the quick release do-hickey strap and that'll work for now. 

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