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New Detech Chaser Metal Detector

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It was my understanding that Nokta mentioned a while ago that the NOKTA IMPACT would be a unit built for Kellyco only, as a more or less exact copy of the original Racer, only on an ergonomic shaft as opposed to the terrible Racer shafts.

As far as performance on the Goldfields go, both the CoRe, Fors Gold and Racer are left wanting badly. The Gold Racer I haven't used yet but will very soon, and even with it's new 'intelligent vsat, I don't hold much hope for it due to such a high frequency, limiting it to surface and just a few inches depth on smallish gold.

The most interesting units are one that a lot of guys aren't picking up on yet, that is the release of the new Detech Chaser's in a few weeks.
I guess Detech didn't get involved in all the cash for comments the other brands chose to push their units with.
Even judging by the now discontinued analogue Detech units as the Winner and Plus and finally Reacher ....these early models absolutely kill Nokta/Makro units on both quiet and hot ground. So the new digital Chaser's are looking pretty good.
The first one will be in 14kHz, then another in 28kHz, and the third in 4.8kHz like the Detech Relic Striker that puts an enormous amount of gain out of it's very large stock SEF coil.
The Chaser will have a full coil selection to boot.





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While the early Detech's had extremely cheaply made control boxes and shafts. These new Chaser's will be very well made and ergonomic.

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It has never been stated by anyone official that the Nokta Impact will be a copy of the Racer in any way. Kellyco leaked a mockup sales page at one point that used a Racer as the basis for the ad mockup but the pictures and prices had nothing to do with real product and were quickly pulled. The Impact is a new model intended as being capable of running at one of several frequencies, selected by the user. Not that this is "new" but it is new for Nokta.

Thanks for the update on the new Detech models, they look interesting. http://detech-metaldetectors.ro/en/product/detech-chaser-14khz-vlf-metal-detector

For now, only the 14kHz version is available as this is the best general use frequency. The other versions (4,8 kHz and 28 kHz) are scheduled to be released later in 2016 and 2017.

The new Chaser is intuitive and extremely easy to operate:

  • 5 languages Menu – English, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish
  • It also features a HELP function in each of the languages in order to make thing easy for the beginner operator

With its multi-purpose 14 kHz operating frequency, this exceptional all-terrain metal detector is useful for all kinds of metal detecting:  coin shooting, relic hunting, nugget hunting, searching for very deep treasures, beach hunting… you name it!

  • 180 units precise VDI scale
  • ID band on the display, showing the conductivity of the different targets, indicating the chosen degree of discrimination
  • Easily adjustable discrimination levels
  • Four preset discrimination programs: DISC ZERO, RELIC, COINS, BEACH.
  • Choice of three audio modes of operation: ONE TONE, DUAL TONE (MIXED), Tonal Identification (MULTITONE)
  • Accurate PINPOINT function with audio and visual indication
  • Easy to use MENU featuring 6 functions having intuitive assigned ICONS: Sensitivity, Volume, High/Low GAIN, Tone, Frequency, Memory (you can save your last used settings)
  • Full Ground Balance capabilities: Automatic (real time terrain tracking), Manual (you can fine tune it according to your specific needs and terrain) and Fixed (factory preset average value)
  • Built-in LED dual torches for illuminating the coil and the area in front of the operator (the operator can activate this function which is very useful for night hunting)
  • High Resolution 256 x 160 pixels illuminated display

Available coils: Ultimate 7”, Ultimate 9″ and Ultimate 13” search coils.

All search coils are fiber glass reinforced, ultralight, solidly built, waterproof and shock-resistant. Scratch resistant coil covers come standard with all coils.

Please note: all the coils of the  other 14 kHz Detech metal detectors (EDS Plus I/II, EDS Winner I/II, EDS Reacher 14 kHz) can also be used with the new Chaser 14 kHz and, in the same way, all the coils of the new Chaser 14 Khz can also be used with the previous 14 kHz Detech metal detectors.

Real telescopic carbon fiber stem, ultralight and super strong! It allows a very precise adjustment of handle’s positioning. Its wide adjusting capability allows even very tall or very short users to comfortably operate the detector. Its maximum extended length is 1450 mm (57 inches). When collapsed for transporting, its length is 740 mm (29 inches).

The detector uses 4 AA batteries providing more than 20 hours of continuous operation.

The Chaser provides a 3.5 mm (1/8”) stereo headphones input.

An excellently balanced detector, having the overall weight of only 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) including the batteries and the Ultimate 9″ stock coil.

Warranty term: 2 years

Package contains:
Electronic control unit
Telescopic stem (carbon fiber)
220 VAC charger for Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
One, two or three coils, according to the ordered/paid package
User manual (English)

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Hey Argyle, I see that Detech is selling a 28 KHz Gold Catcher. Is that an analogue machine? Do you know of anyone who has experience with it in your territory?

It's hard to get any info on these machines over here in the US. The Stinky Pete videos aren't so hot. Thanks.

Mebbe in a few years they'll come out with a Gold Snatcher.

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Yeah YubaJ, they are based on the original Desert Gold on this link to another DP thread...


I've done plenty of work with one, but never again.

The Gold Catcher may be discontinued soon as they aren't cutting the mustard and are limited to the quieter mullock, tailings and benign wash in gully's.

They act exactly the same way as the EDS Plus, but a bit more finicky due to being double the freq.
The biggest problem is the ground balance. You'll see in this pic below (as well as a pic of a cheap broken box mount), the face of an old EDS Plus in 14 kHz. I'm sure the dials and switches are exactly the same as on the Gold Catcher but my units aren't in sight at the moment.
The ground balance knob has to be depressed to activate it, which causes malfunctions after a few months and the units go haywire. The European guys got the shit's with them in the end. I couldn't get longer than two months straight out of a unit.
But you can use them in Pre-set Balance Disc mode with no Threshold activated, and they push out tremendous gain through quiet ground.

Yeah Stinky Pete's clips carry some low audio so it's hard to judge sometimes. He is the Aus distributor.
It's good to have a Distributor/Dealer that is honest and reliable. I don't know him personally but buy units and coils off him. Top bloke to deal with. The Detech PI coils in Closed and SEF are good coils, and the new Spiral wound DD's are good, as is the new Mono. The VLF SEF coils are top notch.
He's a very clean handsome guy that wears cologne ....hence the nickname Stinky Pete.

The Detech mob are putting out new digital Chaser VLF's, and already make good coils. I wish they'd stop mucking around and have a decent crack at producing a Pulse Induction unit.

They have a unit out called a Relic Striker, running in 4.8kHz with a massive SEF coil on it. It has a BOOST to pump gain flat out. It just may be a top machine to run in hot ground and hit smallish to large gold at good depths, even in it's 4.8kHz. I'll find out soon enough.
Steve might be able to pop up a high resolution pic of one ....I can't as my pics come up low res due to the Android phone.
They have a Camo paint job on the metal box, straight shaft.post-505-0-45691100-1455309945_thumb.jpgpost-1-0-24452200-1455311836_thumb.jpg

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This is the discontinued EDS Winner that runs pre-set balance only..

I've never had problems with these regarding electronic issues and coils. But the plastic boxes and battery flap, along with the breakage of the two plastic box-pins the go through the shaft the same way the Garrett Ace units do, upset me no end. Plus they came on child-like s/rod shafts.

This little fellow kicks the ass of many VLF's, not counting the build issues of course.post-505-0-11289300-1455311184_thumb.jpg

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I don't think many of us mind having to slightly mod units for differing things like stands on an SDC, Audio Enhancement, Covers and re-mounting units onto more ergonomic shafts that by rights should have been handled correctly by the manufacturer in the first place.

And none of the company's are immune to that, it's par for the course and expected by us that use detectors ...we cannot expect university trained engineers to get get things right can we?

But things like these breakdowns that are major pains are verging on the ridiculous.post-505-0-82741600-1455326003_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for the good wrap up Argyle. 


I can vouch for Stinky Pete being a straight shooter and a good bloke to boot. I get my Detech coils from him, and he has to be one of the easiest guys to deal with. The 15" Spiral is one of the best DD's for the GPX series and also works great on the GP3500. It's really the only modern Litz wire DD, and being spiral wound gives it extra sensitivity. I also love the 8" mono, not a spiral wind but great for thick scrub and still very sensitive and doesn't false.

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      How deep can i really dig
      And how much ground can i cover
      So i mounted the beast on my carbon shaft after a few rubber washer adjustment i was all set.Tide was good weather was clear but it s dark after 5pm and the beach has mudflats and alone with limited network i won't take risk of getting stranded.Anyway it heavier and after a few adjustment with the SAT ,the gain  and the delay i was all set.
      This coil is blasting targets really hard i pick up the knife at 50cm and dug a real crater ,not many targets except the silver earing and the find of the day a Silver Long cross penny circa ad 1272-1303 nothing really amazing but i could not  find anything old about this area...........
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      Can wait to try the coil again maybe next Monday

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