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Woo." I Found An Even Better Program For Park Hunting

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i was using coin fast 8.4 khz 2.5 sweep - disc of 45 and was doing good . but then came along a big event in the spot i was hunting, i figured it would have lot of new coins, Boy was i wrong. but this time i used a new program, and to my amazement the ground came alive with old targets. this is the new program  using the ORX and the X-35 coal it is  coin deep -  72 gain- 10.5khz- 2.5 sweep speed- and disc at 45. it just lit up the ground i had been over it loves dimes , of which i found 18 of them and it loves nickles. but for some reason the 10.5 khz likes nickles better and dimes . still digging the tabs and slaw but not much small foils , give the program a try if you like you may be amazed as well


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