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New Nokta Makro Simultaneous Multi Frequency And Endless Possibilities For The Future

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NM's Simplex detector with its single frequency has made a lot of sales. NM is a very successful company and true to their word. some would say they can not accomplish the goals that they have clearly stated but are still rooting for them. NM says they will succeed

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20 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

The thing about Nokta/Makro is they are always moving. In fact moving so much that people were complaining about too many new models too fast! Like, when does that happen in metal detector land? Sure, some were just variations on a theme, but they have never lacked for trying new stuff that nobody else does. Things like the vibrate mode may seem a joke to some, but not to the number of hearing challenged detectorists out there. Yes, there are totally deaf people who metal detect. I think it’s awesome somebody thought about them, even if they are few in number.

When I reviewed the Nokta FORS Gold in 2014, almost nobody had ever heard of this company. Yet anyone reading that review will see they immediately won me over, and I predicted big things for them. The main thing was they were responsive, and fixed things that I mentioned needed fixing immediately. I was used to U.S. manufacturers just putting a new machine to bed, and any issues always were “too late now”. Not these folks. They would stop the production line and implement changes immediately, on the fly, in a way I’ve never seen before or since. Sometimes a model gets released too early, like the Simplex, but they don’t just give it a pass. They take any feedback, make improvements, and make good on any genuine customer complaints that arise due to any oversights on their part.

They are not perfect, no, but who is? The thing is they try and just keep on swinging. From a company nobody heard of in 2014, to a major contender now, nipping at the heels of the top dogs. If they get a good multi and a good PI to market in the next couple years, they will finally pull up neck and neck with First Texas and Garrett. Garrett only just got a multi to market, and while it’s a start, nobody is being blown away. The ATX is decent, but too heavy by a couple pounds at least. First Texas has a 25 year old multi, and is fumbling their PI intro, so neither of these old line companies have a lot to brag about in the multi and PI department. Nokta/Makro has a good shot at pulling up even or even exceeding both these old line companies.

Minelab has a massive head start in both multi and PI, and due to various patents I don’t think it is very realistic that NM will outperform them per se. But they do not have to. They simply have to get in the ballpark, and with PI in particular, at a much lower price than the sky-high Minelabs. Not everyone loves Minelab, and many would buy something else just to buy something else, as long as it is decent. Minelab may be top dog right now, but it’s anyone’s bet who is going to be in second place in 2-3 years. I’m sure not counting this scrappy little company from Turkey out. They are hungry, and in business, that’s half the battle.

Ok. Now you got me all jacked up again !

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We shouldn’t punish Nokta Makro for our own speculation or the speculation of other sites. They’ve only said “the countdown has begun,” and set by the end of the year as their launch goal. It did make Detectival more interesting to watch thinking there was a chance, but they never promised that. There’s still plenty to be excited about. 

It seems like in some ways Nokta Makro has already surpassed American companies. It seems that way when we look at the capability and quality of their VLF hobby machines. Nobody thought it was possible for anyone to eek out any more depth with these kinds of machines than the T2 and F75 has, yet the Anfibio did manage to improve on it. If we asked First Texas to waterproof their line from top to bottom they’d spit their coffee before we finished our sentence. NM has a little ways to go in some areas, and more in others, but when it comes to hobby flagship if I had to choose between an Anfibio, F75 LTD, or an AT Max, without hesitation I’d have to pick the Anfibio. I might even pick the Simplex. These are things I hate to admit, but I have to. 

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6 hours ago, Cal_Cobra said:

All great analytical dot connecting BUT perhaps one oversight if I may.   At this stage of the game they don't have to be better then ML, just FTP and Garrett.  The bar's not high at this point IMHO.  

Now if they're going for the juggler with a stretch goal to take out the Equinox, which has been alluded to, great, but the battle's already won if they release a better SMF then FTP and Garrett have in their lineup IMHO.  If their SMF is as good as or better then the Equinox, then it's game on and it will be very interesting to see Minelab scramble to release an Equinox Pro with more features and capabilities then their Nokta competitive counterpart. 

This will certainly be interesting!

I agree with you and others here that state NM does not have to be better than ML/Equinox or even Vanquish to have a successful launch to their new SMF detector.  I hear you clearly but think some folks may be reading too much into my post.  Let me explain by revisiting the context of my original post.   I was responding to members who let their unbridled enthusiasm for the brand set up potentially unrealistic expectations of what NM is likely to accomplish with their FIRST SMF release.  In my analysis I never said that NM had to leapfrog ML to be successful, I was only pointing out that NM's development history and ML's own long journey to Equinox would make it unlikely that they will leapfrog ML (as some were either expecting or hoping based on thier posts and that even NM themselves were hyping).   I say this despite NM's unquestioned success and reputation for delivering top quality, feature packed detectors.  And while I think it is possible, perhaps even probable that the NM SMF machine will outshine Apex, the fact is that Garrett beat them to the punch nearly two years after Nokta first started talking about SMF with detector naming contests etc. and here we are, with another year behind us, and still not even a thumbnail sketch of what this SMF is going look like or be capable of doing.  In short, NM has an uphill climb to even clear the Apex bar.  Until we see some concrete specs, details, or demos of the forthcoming unit, it is hard to judge where the NM initial SMF release is going to fall on the capability and performance spectrum.

Nevertheless, it looks like NM is getting close, are willing to start hinting at the product with teaser ads, and I am looking forward to them entering the SMF detector fray.  Just saying that folks should keep their expectations realistic.  Regardless of where NM ends up, just getting a new SMF detector on the street will be huge as any competition in this sector is only good for us detectorists and the hobby.  But again, lets be realistic about impact.  Other than detector enthusiasts like many of us on this forum, who is going to spend money on a detector that is not as good a value as Equinox, Apex, or Vanquish if they already own one of the aforementioned detectors.  Equinox has a huge market share, Apex probably captured additional "never Minalab" enthusiasts and others.  So again, NM has has some signficant headwinds to overcome - just a fact of life when you are the third to arrive at the party.  Again, rooting for NM, just keeping expectations realistic.   

As a side note - I apologize if people misinterpret the above message as somehow disrespecting the brand or being a debbie downer.  That is not my intent.  I need to see hardware not "wishware" or "hopeware" to gage and assess a brand's success ceiling and I think I have been pretty consistent in that stance.  

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maybe beating NM to the punch by Garrett's Apex was just a glancing blow. they seemed to have shrugged it off and have left it in the past. maybe, sometimes having high expectations or unrealistic expectations is setting the bar high. those who are not afraid of doing that sometimes succeed. Minelab is a great example of that and perhaps NM is too

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On the various forums (that I read) a number of people have cited Minelab’s (smf) head start, and their patents, as a major road-block in Nokta-Makro’s path. That’s certainly a logical point, and likely the safe money bet.


Nokta-Makro (Dilek) has been rather forward in stating their intent to produce a machine that competes head-to-head with the Nox 800 - and offer more for less.

Marketing hype?


It could be that the “more” are features - bells and whistles mostly. Or it could be that NM found a new way to “skin the cat” and their new (smf) machine will offer more performance and more features; all without infringing upon a single patent.

I’m not pretending that is the case, but I’m not going to categorically ignore the possibility either (no matter how unlikely it is).

I have zero doubt that NM engineers know what makes the Nox 800 tick. They know its capabilities. It would be unreasonable to think NM doesn’t have several Nox 800's in their possession. (And Minelab will have several of the new NM machines in their possession, so they can see how it works - once that machine is released)

There is a reason why NM (Dilek) has worded statements in the manner that she has. Dilek is a very astute person; she isn’t about to make grandiose claims that will come back to bite her at a later date. Her words/statements have been carefully chosen.

For many avid hunters Dilek is Nokta-Makro. She has spent considerable energy/time cultivating our trust and respect. Dilek has gone out of her way to provide outstanding service countless times: she has made Nokta-Makro an incredible success story, and a force to be reckoned with. She isn’t going to chance all that by making claims that have no possibility of being valid: She is far too intelligent to do that.

For me - if it was anyone else (from any other company) making statements along the lines of directly competing with the 800lb gorilla that is the Nox; I’d immediately discount those comments as being marketing nonsense. As it is, I trust that Dilek knows a lot more than I do, and if she says their new machine will compete directly - she believes it. And I’m inclined to believe the claims are very possible. Call it blind faith in someone who has earned my trust.

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I'm taking them at their word. They are coming for the Equinox buyer's market primarily, the Apex market is slightly secondary, They intend to get a large portion of both. Market share is the goal, but prestige plays a big part too.

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I think Garrett purposefully limited the Apex so they've got some left in the tank for the ATpex, their multi frequency technology is probably better than it may seem and they're refining it for the higher end model which they may time for release when Nokta is about to hit the market with their machine, who knows? It would be a good thing for them to do.  First to the post often gets the most sales.

I'll be pleasantly surprised and also very happy if Nokta do achieve multi-IQ performance from their multi frequency detector, and I'd be quick to get one .  My Simplex is better build quality than my Nox 800, including the coils.  I think to maximize profits Minelab went a bit too cheap on build quality, something Nokta never does.

I'm not at all impressed by the performance of my Simplex however, it's because the things that matter to me are the things the Simplex is weak at, accurate target ID's and depth, and most importantly a combination of both.....  Hopefully this is improved on the Multi Freaker, I've never used a high end Nokta so maybe I'm just a bit hard on their entry level unit however entry level now from a few manufacturers is often exceeding or very competitive with flagships from other companies in many ways.

In hindsight the naming contest years ago was a bit of a mistake, I'm sure they realize that now...

I think it's vital Nokta consider advancing their focus on a PI prospecting machine, they said about the time they did the naming contest for the multi machine they were going to do a PI gold machine....   This is an area of the market that's open for the taking, a lower priced PI prospecting machine with good performance would sell well.  It doesn't have to better or equal the Minelabs, it just has to be in the game, something equal to a QED in performance perhaps with automatic ground balance or a ground grab button and a far better build quality than the QED which is the norm for Nokta anyway and they'd be on a winner and fill a gap the market desperately needs filled.

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