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New Chelny From Bulgaria


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Hello everyone and from me, a new member of the forum new in the search for native gold with a metal detector.
My first metal detector is Minelab EQUINOX 800 with 11-inch and 6-inch coil
A little about me: My name is Veisal, I am 35 years old, I am from Bulgaria, a country located in Europe

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Welcome, Veisal!  You have a high quality metal detector manufacturer there in your country.  But the ML Equinox 800 is a great tool for finding native gold, so you're in good shape.  I hope you are successful and will be able to photo and post some of your upcoming finds.


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Hello Veisel,

Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to some finds from there! Let us know how you do!👍👍

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Welcome aboard Vaisal ! You just found a lot of new friends to help guide your hunts .   

There's a lot of posts here with good advice and discussions to read up on and just ask about anything you would like more info on

That 800 is a good machine  and will treat you right , hope you found lots of treasure in Bulgaria.

Any finds so far you'd like to show off or just can't identify post a picture...


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Welcome to the forum and the 800 is a good detector for your area.

The 800 loves silver and will hit it hard, I know that from using my 800.

Good luck and please show us some of your finds when you come across them, we love pictures and the story behind them.

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Hello, thank you all for the warm welcome.
The place where I look for native gold is this as rock geology is this, I searched for about 2 hours but found nothing, I will try again for more time searching in the same region ?




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   From what little I know about finding native gold, (l'm more of a beach guy!) I see alot of good broken quartz deposits, and some iron deposits! Hopefully any gold there is large enough to be detectable!

   You would greatly benefit from the gold experts here, if you post under the more focused subject heading on the forum! There they can find, and assist you with any questions, or help locating the gold!🍀👍👍

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Some things that I have done with my grandfather with a site like that was to get a 20 liter bucket full of material and use a pan to see if there is any color first.

If we found anything interesting we would go back and hit it hard with detectors and a recirculating sluice to get the gold. Your area may have some real fine gold that is not detectable with most detectors, so don't give up on that spot. Check in the cracks, at the bottom, and on each side to find where it may be.

Good luck.

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