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Working In Ely...Rather Be Detecting

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I have been in Ely all week for work. I would rather be searching for some gold but that's how it goes. I drove to the Osceola district after work today. Got there at dark snow was a foot deep. I read an old post from Reno Chris about the area. Heard it is highly claimed but I'm sure there are places to prospect. Sounded like an interesting place to explore. I will be here again on my own time when the snow is not so deep to check it out. Just one more place to add to the list of must do's!

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I took my wife who has Alzheimers over to Ely last spring. To the old courthouse where we were married 50 years ago hoping to revive an old memory. Spent some time out at Osceola and found it to be claimed although i am sure there is some area to detect there. Went to Garnet Hill and found 63 one day. All an interesting area just not sure that acess makes it a great place to detect nuggets.

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