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Not A 1916d Should I Toss It Back?

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8 hours ago, geof_junk said:

No! You should not throw it back!!! That is littering post it to me and I will dispose of it for you. :rolleyes:

That is very kind of you to take kac's common date merc, for proper disposal.   I've got tons of common date mercs too, so can I get your snail-mail address, to send these to you ?   thanx !   😘

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16 hours ago, kac said:

Difference is one I found is

So since it's one of the cheapies, I still think you should send it to Joe D so that when you look at it you won't worry about it not being one of the 1916d's.

Problem solved!

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13 hours ago, rvpopeye said:

Everybody already called dibs !

Not me, I would rather have someone else to get it, since he didn't like the date on it.

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I can’t tell you how many 1916 S Mercs I have found here in so cal, but it’s dozens...and not a single “D”...😫.  But it sure does give you a great adrenaline rush when you see a 1916 date before turning it over to see the mintmark. 

Nice recovery of your teen and oldest Merc!! 👍🏼

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21 hours ago, Raphis said:

I can’t tell you how many 1916 S Mercs I have found here in so cal, but it’s dozens...and not a single “D”...😫.  But it sure does give you a great adrenaline rush when you see a 1916 date before turning it over to see the mintmark.

When I get my Jefferson nickels back home and clean them up a bit, I start by looking at the reverse, RH side of the dome to see if there is a mintmark.  Two kinds exist here with no mintmark:  prior to 1965 these were from Philly with 'D' (Denver) and 'S' (San Francisco) being the others.  1965-67 there were no mintmarks on any coins, regardless of where they were minted.  In 1968 they started putting 'D' and 'S' on the obverse below the date.  In 1980 they added the 'P' for Philly, also below the date.

So when I see no mintmark on the reverse it doesn't tell me much.  When I see a 'D' I'm thinking (well, hoping) I turn it over and see a 1939 date -- my most sought after Jeffy.  (If 'S' I'm wishing for 1938.  No mintmark -- 1955.)  There are others, especially 1950-D, that would be quite pleasing.  I don't know how many times I've struck out with that ritual, but not even so much a ground-out yet.  (Apologies to those who don't know baseball lingo, but you can probably figure it out from context.)

Oh, the things we do to add excitment....

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  • Similar Content

    • By F350Platinum
      Today was kind of a nasty day, windy and light mist from time to time. Went to my new farmhouse permission, hoped that everyone finding silver coins would somehow rub off. 😀
      I'm hunting this large grass cul de sac that the house stood behind. It's pretty large, about a half acre. The grass is really high. I may bring my mower here to cut it so I can find stuff more easily, but today I toughed it out.
      Did pretty well, went up and down the road, found a couple of coin spills, one with two quarters, two nickels and a dime. Went back to the circle and went back and forth over it wading through the grass with sensitivity at 24. Got all this today:
      A 1979 Mattel hot wheel car, surprisingly good shape. An odd piece of brass stamped Peerless Lock Corp Pat pend, two wheats, a 1930, and a 1940 something, they were in the same hole. 4 quarters, 4 clad dimes, 3 nickels and 3 memorials. 4 Zincolns.
      Trash was about par for this course:
      While making a sweep across the field I got a 17/18/19, I always dig those. After scooping up the top grass and some of the gravel, the TID improved, a 27-29.
      Got my best find of the day, and had to stop for Chinese take out because dinner is on me whenever I find silver:
      I really want to find a Barber, the dates here are right for it, but I'll take a nice Mercury dime any day.
    • By F350Platinum
      Went back to the farmhouse Chase and I detected last weekend. We got 1" of rain so things were better for hacking around, wanted to get back there and see what I could find. Got there at 9am and stayed until about 4.
      First thing I dug was an 1908 IHP by the road, hoped that would be the theme of the day, but it turned out differently.
      There is a lot of trash here, and apparently this house burned. I dug a few clumps of molten metal (aluminum) that gave me a clue, the trash to finds ratio was off the charts. 😳 I dug the heck out of it to clean things up for a return trip. It takes about 40 minutes to get there.
      I think I dug a little bit of everything! Sinkers, glass fuses, broken tools, hair rollers, rivets, bullets, and of course a lot of pull tabs and aluminum bottle caps.
      Here are the finds, mostly clad but some other cool stuff:
      A big Smokey the Bear token was the most ironic find, solid 28.
      An old brass World Association of Girl Scouts badge ca. 1950s - 1960s
      It originally had blue enamel.
      Dug this small heart, I think it is aluminum, it has weld marks for a pin:
      A device for a ribbon of some sort that was a 4/5, and a Yale key found near the fuses, probably a spare key kept with the fuses.
      Not much but interesting nonetheless!
    • By Dan(NM)
      We finally got a couple of days of decent rain here in Central Texas. It's been dry as a bone for the last few weeks and the ground was getting pretty hard to dig in. The wife gave me her blessings to go hunt all day long, so I headed to one of the parks that has been producing very well. When I arrived I could tell that this place had received a fair share of rain. With hopes riding high I began my hunt. This was my first hunt in some damp soil, I was in for a rude awakening! This dirt is the stickiest gooiest mess I think I've ever dug in. After almost 2 hours all I had to show for my efforts was three or four pieces of clad. My spirits were sinking faster than the Titanic. My plan was the grid off areas until I got into something good. After about an hour and a half of that and only four Wheaties to show for it, I decided to do some freelance and just wander around aimlessly and head to my car and call it a day. I got into an area that I haven't spent much time in and the first signal I got was a big old aluminum token from a chamber of commerce. About 30 ft from there I get another signal hitting in the mid 30s dropping down to 30 but jumping back up to 33-34 on the Equinox. Usually that means sprinkler head or a large piece of aluminum. Cut a plug, took out about six inches of dirt, stuck my pinpointer in the hole expecting to hit the target.  I started scanning the dirt that I had dug out and  almost fell over backwards when I saw some big shiny in the dirt ball :-) This was the very last thing that I expected to find today. Good thing nobody was around cuz all I could do is just sit there and laugh like a madman as I was taking pictures of it. I spent about another hour wandering around the park and decided to call it a day.

    • By F350Platinum
      Got an opportunity to visit a couple of places recently, hoped they'd be a bit better but the prospect was exciting anyway. I got in touch with Chase and invited him down, these are supposedly un-hunted places.
      The first one was pretty clean, we didn't find much of anything. Huge field over 30 acres. It had been "turbo-tilled" so it was easy to hunt after a corn harvest but possibly because of that method of tilling the only thing we heard for the most part was deep iron. Theory is the soil was "fluffed" up with air making any targets deeper. We hacked around there for about 3 hours, and the finds bags got heavy with iron so we quit and went up the road to another permission, a farm where a farmhouse that was taken down in the 80s along with 4 outbuildings stood.
      Chase is somewhere out there... 😀
      It was an extremely trashy site, lots of iron and shotgun shells, so we sorta just coin shot it. I heard and saw just about every signal from -9 to 40 on the Equinox. Very difficult!
      By the end of the day (it got to 84) I managed to pull some stuff out, my trash was plumbing and steel, 2 toasted matchbox cars (China) and a pretty mangled cap gun. Here are the keepers:

      2 clad dimes, 1979 and 1980, two memorials from the 70s, and two wheats, a 1952 and a 1911. One aluminum button from the prior site, and a small iron disc that long ago lost its identifying characteristics. I kept it just because it was round.
      my favorite find was a vintage Montgomery Ward Credit Protection key fob, ca. 1940s. It's bronze, and was hit by a lawnmower but it I straightened it out.
      Never knew the first credit cards were coins.
      Going back to this site soon, there's gotta be some silver there. At least the penny is over 100 years old.
    • By F350Platinum
      Been camping for 3 days, just extended for a fourth because camping season is winding down, and I seem to have carte blanche at this one to dig anywhere.
      First day I hit 2 tot lots and the beach, unfortunately they must have removed all the old sand and refreshed it. The lots produced 30 some odd coins, some small worthless jewelry and some small brass beads. The little heart is .925, the only silver I've found so far. It's an earring.
      Got some stuff at the beach anyway, the ring is cool, but stainless.

      Next morning I went to another tot lot and did much better:
      80+ coins and some small jewelry, again all junk. Hit another tot lot in the evening:
      I was approached by a staff member who asked me to hunt for a particular piece of hardware in a gathering field where they have Cornhole tournaments. They also have bands here and used to have vendors, but replaced that part with a basketball court and a dog park. Never found the part, it was steel and probably got hit by a lawnmower this morning.
      By this time I was really coin shooting, ignoring pennies for the most part. 60+ more. That funny looking wingnut at the bottom is a bass guitar tuning key.
      I've pulled over 200 coins from this place in 3 days, the earliest quarter was a 1966, and the earliest penny was 1963. About $30 total. Got one more day and two more Cornhole courts to hunt. I've pretty much cleaned this place out! 😀 Next year it'll be full again.
    • By Raphis
      Hello Friends,
      Last Thursday, I had a couple hrs of free time to go on a hunt.  I decided to try my luck at one of the older parks in my locale.  This park has been hunted so many times by the locals over the years, not to mention I have hunted this park over 100 times in the past 13 years (but only about 10 times with my Nox).  This park has a plethora of non-ferrous trash, iron, and a good bit of EMI, which obviously can mask an older, deeper find.  I love the challenge this park poses to the old coin TH’er.  It’s not a very large park, either, but the old coins/tokens/jewelry (7-9+”) were numerous here.  I have over 300 silver from this park, over 1500 wheat pennies, and close to 100 indian pennies.  However, a decent half day hunt from this park today would be 5-6 wheats, and maybe an injun if you’re lucky.   Finding silver from this park today is a real challenge.  So, for a couple hrs last week, I took my Nox to this park, with the hopes of digging a few oldies.  I noise cancelled and ground balance my machine in the area I was gonna hunt.  My  machine was still jumpy from EMI, but that’s the norm at this park.  I wasn’t willing to drop my sensitivity below 23 because the deeper targets are quite faint/obscure with respect to audio.  If you swing your coil too fast or too slow you’ll go home empty handed.  I saw some older plugs just a few feet from where I was hunting from a couple months back (I remember finding a few silver/wheats on that short hunt back then).  My first target I located sounded like a deep injun, but it turned out to be the enameled copper/brass Star Of David pin.  My next target was so obscure and deep, that I had to swing/wiggle my coil from every direction possible for over a minute just to tell myself that I should dig this target.  The ID numbers were bouncing all over the place (from deeper iron and nearby shallow trash), but I narrowed my coil wiggles over the spot that was repeating mid 20’s ID’s.  At 6”, my pinpointer was still silent at the bottom of the hole.  It was hard to say if I had to dig deeper or widen my hole.  There’s a mod I made to my Propointer that increases the depth by almost 2” (you can find the mod on a number of YT vids, so with the mod engaged on my propointer, I started to hear the target off to one side at the bottom of my plug.  After a couple more inches of hard-packed dirt removed from my plug, I saw a flash of silver.  It was dime sized and well worn.  After reading the date, I couldn’t initially tell if it was 1892 or 1902....What do you guys think the date is??? It’s a Philly mint.  I was so pumped after finding that coin!! I rechecked the bottom of the plug with my pinpointer and there was another target next to the dime, but it was only a small, rusty nail.  I only dug some deeper pieces of aluminum and a couple bullets in the immediate area to the barber dime over the next 30 min, so I decided to finish my short hunt at an adjacent section to my parked car.  That’s where I found the Rosie and all the wheats, along with the Bally’s Aladdins Castle token.     It was a very successful, short hunt for me that produced some elusive oldies. With deep, elusive, partially masked targets in the ground, one can never give up hunting a site with that criteria.  Let it “rest” for a while if you get skunked on a hunt at a site like this, but never say “I’m never going back there again because there’s nothing left to find!”....the most elusive keeper finds are also the most rewarding to find!
      Raphis - Dan

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