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My First Platinum Find

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Congratulations on your first platinum. It’s always a thrill to find one. 

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5 hours ago, Mr Swing king said:

Ground balance 2

Sensitivity 19

It rang up a sold 12....

OK, but what detector?  Excellent find!  Since that wish paid off quickly, why not hope for a gold coin next?


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Cool looking ring SK! Congratulations!!💍👍👍

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11 hours ago, Mr Swing king said:

It rang up a solid 12 in 2 sweep directions,

Had to be a Nox with that type of settings, am I correct about that?

Good catch and good luck on your next hunt.

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All I have to do for some platinum is wait................

Mom has a platinum bar in her ankle and it's my inheritance ! Skuh kuh kuh kuh 

Hope I wait a long time.

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Nice ring! I've only found one platinum myself. Were all used to being asked if we found anything good or whats our best find etc...I was just remembering one time I was detecting in a park and some lady was walking by and yelled "you find any gold!" with a big smile on her face...I smiled back and told her not yet...about 2 minutes later I was digging up a nice hefty gold chain that ironically had my daughters name engraved in it...I whispered a thank you to her as she walked off in the distance...

it's a great hobby.


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    • By dewcon4414
      I found this one to be an odd ring.  It appeared at first to me to be one of those wave rings.  But I’m lucky I can see up close pretty well.  First guess also….. SS.  It’s marked 750 Denmark and tested 18K.  Weight was 5.6 grams.   I’m hoping there wasn’t a second part to it … but clearly there could be.  I’m also hoping the other one wasn’t the one with a 3 C diamond 😂.    Deep ring with a lot of pushed in sand over it.  Waist deep.  So it looks like some sand is moving.  My buddy Joe grabbed a nice delicate 14k ID bracelet he didn’t think was real.   2 people in and out of the water.  I could get out fairly deep….. but from waist out to neck …. No heavies.

    • By Old Line Paul
      Yesterday, I went to a park in an older community 20-minutes north of where I live. I found 2 quarters, 6 dimes, 2 pennies and a Hot Wheels. For me, this is a respectable haul.
      On my way home, I spotted a grocery store and stopped to pick up a few items. When I returned to my car, I saw this lying on the asphalt a few inches from my front wheel:

      It’s marked.925, is 20” long, and weighs a smidge under 25 grams.
      My question is, does the International Brotherhood of Metal Detectorists’ Code of Conduct allow me to claim bragging rights for this as a legitimate “find”? After all, I hadn’t yet returned home, and wouldn’t have been in that particular parking lot on that day and time if not for going detecting. But my detector was in the trunk. Part of me wants credit for travel time, like any plumber or electrician. But part of me feels like this is cheating! 
      (BTW, inspired by all the Good Samaritans on this forum, I left a “Did You Lose Something?” note on the grocery store bulletin board instead of just pocketing it.)
    • By Tometusns
      I decided to get the old map out and find some farm houses that have long since disappeared. Took a little while at each one to locate where the house was but I got a couple good finds. My first artillery eagle  button and a sterling US Navy ring.

    • By Momokahn
      Tonight while metal detecting at a local sports complex I found this.  This find is no doubt one of my best ever.  Now I just need to track down the owner.  This pendant came from a small town.  I hope this increases my odds finding it's owner.  Hopefully I can make someone's Christmas just that much more special this year.  I was able to clean it up pretty good.  From the depth I dug it, I'm guessing it has been lost for at least 5 years.

    • By Steelheader
      Found this today in the grass at a Park.  I was using my Equinox 800.  This is the best thing that I have ever found metal detecting.  It weighs 43.5 grams and is marked 18K.

    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Scored a couple keepers Tuesday's 3 hour hunt. Two 10k golds, just a little over 14.5 grams total and 4 more silvers for the pile. Water was a chilly 54F but the Sun was shining so it made for a Great day in the water.
      Going to be a interesting day Friday, super low tide all day.. Do I go recon a 2019 Hot spot (sanded in last trip there) or go back to the "Now" Hot spot?

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