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Compass Forum Is Down------- Now Back Up! New Web Address, See Last Post

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On 7/17/2021 at 10:07 AM, Joe Beechnut OBN said:

We recently lost this read only part of Findmall.com    https://archive.findmall.com/read

A great loss for many of the old masters writings were there.

some of the old stuff has found it's way back onto the revised live forum and can be found in searches; but still a lot has been lost. 

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Found out Nabble. Forums the host of the Compass Forum was downsizing servers. The  Compass Forum and others using Nabble as the host , will not re-activate the forum unless the original owner of the Compass Forum responds to their email.

The orig. owner about 5 years ago quit and moved onto other hobbies and gave Joe full Admin rights to keep it going. When Joe stepped down, I took over. Ownership of the Compass Forum was never transfered to Joe. So we have no way of keeping it going. So the Compass Forum as it stands is no more.

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Anyone knows other Compass members email direct them here so we all can decide on retreving old  forum or starting a rebuild to a new one OR let it ride into the sunset!

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There is something in the works right now.

Nabble has reduced the server size. So forums were given the axe unless orig. owner responded to Nabbles email.

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  • Sven1 changed the title to Compass Forum Is Down------- Now Back Up! New Web Address, See Last Post

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