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GPX 6000 Observation

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Okay I’ve been counting the number of 6000’s that have either been offered up for sale or wanting to swap for 7000’s. The ads have been on the Aussie Gumtree site and to a lesser extent, other “for sale” sections online……the total so far is about 10 (over the past month or so). It’s clearly not an ergonomic issue as the 6000 is very strong in this area…….which leaves a performance issue or maybe the hype and excitement has been a bit too much and therefore expectations too high ? 
Are people tired of chasing tiny sub gram nuggets at depth all day or is it something else they don’t like. Early days I know but I was curious as to what was going on. Definitely lovers of the machine as well but not unanimous 😐

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Thanks Matt…..that was some detailed reply. Sounds like things are similar to other releases so nothing out of the ordinary really…….then there’s always the buyers remorse but more likely from newcomers?

There might also be a few wives and girlfriends catching a view of the credit card statement……”you spent how much ! “…….😡😡😡😡

Definitely not trying to stir the pot……I’d happily swing one 👍

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Got to agree in totality with AussieMatt, the ergonomics alone is not what the 6Ks about, it is going to bring a lot of pleasure to a lot of users and newbies. Detecting 6K gold is still as frustrating and challenging as its ever been but those who welcome this challenge of our healthy hobby and get to know/respect their new lover will be rewarded with years of pleasure until ML does their thing again. Equally there are many doing this happy thing with older detectors.

Tis just a new toy cycle that repeats over and over for some of us. The Spice of our life.

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3 hours ago, Gerry in Idaho said:

The GPX-6000 will be the most sold, most talked about and most used high end gold detector in the United States for the next few years and most folks will be happy.

100% agree on that statement. The price tag for the 17 in coil is said to be $360. So, for $6400 USD you get an incredibly designed light weight an poweful PI detector with smart Geosense technology and three coils from 11 to 17 inch, including a 14DD speciality coil for EMI and ground cancel. There is really not alot more to ask for, with a total price tag that is $3600 USD cheaper than the original GPZ price tag with only one coil. I don't think it gets much better than that. Okay, extra battery for USD 160. 

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The 6000/17 will get away from the apparent "stigma" of being a small gold machine. A direct comparison with the GPZ 17X CC will be interesting then. I look forward to read Norvic's reports on this.

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Thanks, JP. Great comments that provide clarity on this topic. It has been my impression all along that the GPZ remains king for depth. Even with the smaller NF Zsearch, which also seems to cover some of the 6000 capabilities for fast timing gold. I want to add though that this does not diminish by any means the glory of the 6000. This machine is just pure joy!!

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