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At The Beach 4 - I'm Done. Matchbox Pocket Spill

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Is the pocket knife a Case?

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7 minutes ago, GB_Amateur said:

Is the pocket knife a Case?

Yes. This one: https://knifeworks.com/case-2806-medium-stockman-blue-bone-6344-ss/

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9 minutes ago, F350Platinum said:

Nice!  It's seen some use (and slight damage) but it appears you found it before major corrosion set it.  Maybe not what you were looking for (well, not a coin or piece of jewelry, anyway) but still has at least utilitarian value.

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6 minutes ago, GB_Amateur said:

Nice!  It's seen some use (and slight damage) but it appears you found it before major corrosion set it.  Maybe not what you were looking for (well, not a coin or piece of jewelry, anyway) but still has at least utilitarian value.

True. Not every day one finds a $50 knife in any decent shape I'll wager. 😀 Two of the blades are bent and a bit cruddy and the bone is chipped on one side, but it's sharp as all get out. Codes reveal it to be a 2019. Going to straighten them and clean it up. Didn't get too much sand in it either, but it was buried. Crazy ID, a fruit salad of numbers. Steel, brass, zinc, nickel.

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Recap: Keeper coins, $3.10. threw out about 4 crusty Zincolns. Mostly quarters. 2 rings, both 925 silver. One Pandora charm, 14k plated 925. Two earrings, one may be gold plated. Case pocket knife, Space Pen, Apple watch series 3, working. Only kept one sinker and a carabiner. 4 Matchbox style cars, gave them all away. I got out 4 hours every day for 6 days. I could have done better if I had more experience, but I learned a lot, and my wife got some fairly nice stuff. ♥️

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Love case knives, congrats.

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Glad to see you with some good hunts and loved the pictures also.

One of these days your going to have to find matching earrings for your wife.

Good luck and have a safe trip home.

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   Even more fun to follow his grid (if he's done there!) to see what he missed! Or the areas on his swing fringe! Especially if he was moving fast! There is always missed items!!👍👍

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