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Klayzer Gr Pro Metal Detector

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I notice the lack of specificity.  But it does intrigue me even more that it is a German company.

I'm looking online for videos about it now and they mention Africa in the comments.

Has anyone ever used this 2D one or the top of the line?

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Anyone buy one of these and return it?  haha

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Why promote fraud? I’ll scrub the links later today, as I see no reason to boost their Google results and send business their way. I don’t mind people posting about scams, but please don’t link to them and thereby help them. We have spammers for that. :smile:

Edit - ok, think I got the 20 plus links scrubbed. Honestly, I’m surprised Mitchel. The minute you see LRL (long range locator) you should know that anything else said is not worth paying a minutes attention to. They advertise alongside legitimate stuff hoping the legitimacy will rub off. And Germans are no less subject to scams and fraud than anyone else. I’ve got no problem with people selling dowsing gear, as it’s honest about what it is. LRL is just dowsing dressed up with pseudo science and a price tag to match. It’s the deception employed about what these devices really are that crosses the line with me. If you want a dowsing device, just make one. Attach as many dials and meters as will make you happy. The knobs and dials don’t have to actually work, well, because they don’t actually do anything! Just be sure it looks really cool. :smile:



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Please please Steve don't shut them down I am trying to legitimize them with my new technology break thru. related to electron magnetic field that occurs 79 times a second when they align in a particular pattern. I know my price is high so the offer is not for sale but hire/rent of $7000 a week but it will need less time than ML GPX6000 to find both small and larger particles of gold. I have a built in chip that will only allow rental time before it shutdown requiring renewable rent to reset it.

You may get an idea how it works by looking at the difference in the two diagrams of the electron below caught at different positions.

Together, intelligent coding assistance and ergonomic design.



Au79-0.jpeg.55e5cb58bc3011de2975d8bc38c9b413.jpeg   The new   G_J   Model of Gold and Junk detector.

Please do not rent or hire, with out checking it's write up on Detector Prospector about it's tuning and effectiveness by S.H.    ..........  🤑


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