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Fisher Gold Bug 2 Gets A Facelift

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Although I’m not a prospector and haven’t used a gold machine, I did find this interesting that the Gold Bug 2 has received a digital target ID makeover. Here’s a photo from Amazon. There’s also an official ad from Fisher that I lost track of when the site was down. I’m now wondering if maybe the CZ-3D will get the same.


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That is cool, something I've been saying they should have done years ago.   Probably too little too late but a good sign they've at least updated the model after 20 or so years 🙂


It even has a back light 🙂   They've had to move the headphone socket onto the side of it to fit the screen.  Interesting upgrade.   I don't think it has Target ID by the looks of it, the screen seems to just show battery life, backlight on/off and if you're in disc, normal or boost and the minerals level.  The top numbers on the screen seem to be ground reject, as in your ground balance number perhaps as that knob now doesn't seem to be the dual knob with fine tune, just a single knob now.

This guy has done a video of it, showing it compared to the GM 1000 and also the older Gold Bug 2.

-update: so yes, after watching the video it is just the ground balance number and it no longer has the fine tune, that's incorporated into the one knob with a ground balance of 99 levels by the looks of it.

Seems to be the exact same detector with a bit of a slightly modern from the 90's facelift.  Of course after 25 years or so of remaining the same I buy one and under a year later it gets a facelift. 😄

Ignore when he tests the Equinox over the nuggets, he has disc on blocking out the nuggets, didn't know to press the horse shoe or at least not have disc up so high. 🙂

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An interesting makeover. It makes me wonder if its creation was driven by components becoming obsolete, like the dual-adjust pot?
Presumably the main guts are largely unchanged, so it will have the same analogue sound and feel that users like.

The headphone socket on one side is 'quirky' , having one on both sides would be better, to cater for oddball lefty folks ( as well as oddball righty ones ). Maybe it's a bit tight for space in there.

But it deserves a new name, surely ? Not only to avoid confusion, but to help market it. Goldbug-2D ( D for display ) or -2E ( E for enhanced )? Goldbug-3, perhaps ?
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