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Howdy Folks From New York


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I'm a year into detecting, enjoying the hobby more than I thought I might. I imagine I have much more to learn myself.

This forum is the best out there if you have technical questions or want to upload photos of your finds.

What detector(s) are you using? What sort of places do you hunt?

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Welcome. You have joined a nice bunch of folks here.

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Hello Scott, 

   Glad you found your way here! Any questions, ask away! And as F350 said, tell us what and where your swinging!👍👍

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Welcome to the forum and may I wish you happy hunting.

What type of equipment do you have, and what part of the country are you in?

There are many people here that just might be near you to hunt with if you ever wanted to.

Ask any questions and I am sure that someone here will be able to help you out.

Please post some of your finds on here with how you found them. We love stories and pictures.

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Thanks Guys .. my first detector was a T2+ package .. which was an upgrade from  what I was thinking of starting out with .. but I won on a scratch off ticket which paid for that package .. I really enjoy that machine, but there are places where the emi won't allow me to hunt .. everything else has been paid for by finds .. I have a T2se with the stock coil, the 5 inch coil, a nel sharpshooter (which is usually on the machine), and a 13 inch ultimate .. a pair of GG platinum headphones .. I bought a simplex+ to use in the water .. which needed a carbon lower shaft and the sp22 coil, and a set of wired waterproof notka headphones .. it came with the v2.78 which I didn't care for and have now uploaded the v2.77 .. this is now a fairly decent water machine .. I use a ckg 'tank' model scoop .. just won a 340 vanquish .. tekpoint pinpointer.

I hunt the southern teir and fingerlakes in NY .. I started out mostly searching for rings .. but have been finding many old coins .. just started this past month or so in the water which I enjoy much more than land hunting .. my oldest coin is a 1834 large cent, which was one of my goals for this year .. the other goal being a 1700s coin, yet to be dug .. I will post some photos as they come

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The Simplex may handle EMI better. Finding in my neck of the woods certain times of the day is worse for emi than others. Believe it's all the wifi and cell towers. Smaller coils fair better.

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Welcome to the forum ScoTTT2. You have ventured into the Holy land of metal detecting. DP is hands down the best forum on the old Interweb and our members are the best that the hobby has to offer. You seem like detector wise, you have some good equipment. Sometimes playing with settings and coil choices can help with emi. I hunt some really good spots with emi (mostly WiFi signals) If you can knock it back a little to keep from having a seizure, Most machines will still lock onto a good target. I'm looking forward to some of your finds and stories. Hope to hear from you soon.

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The places where the EMI is to much for the T2+ .. the EMI is coming from wires in the ground or railroad tracks depending on the site .. the wifi and camera/powerline emi I have always been able to hunt through just by turning the machine down a bit... the T2se however can turn on the DST and hunt these places, not as deep as I know the targets go to, but still they can be hunted .. I almost always hunt in all metal .. when I bought the simplex it came with the v2.78 and had a definite 'wall' as to depth .. it went no deeper than the machine could give a good TID .. I uploaded to the V2.77 which allows a bunch more depth .. still no where near as deep as the T2 .. unless I'm clad shooting, I pay little attention to the TIDs.

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