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Gpx-6000 1st Trip To The Gold Fields (part 1 Of 2 - Long Read)

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"The GPX would hear saturated reddish soil pockets and the narrow pocket ones did sound like a really soft deep target. I dug a few down 4 to 6” only to have the signal disappear.  After doing this a few times and even on the actual patch I was fooled, I decided to test the assumed target spot in the “DIFFICULT” Soil Timing before I dig.  Wow, what a difference that made.  Each time there was a target, the DIFFICULT would still hear it but when it was just ground noise, the DIFFICULT timing cleared the assumed target and response was gone.  I would love to hear others observations on this as I am sure there has to be a breaking point?"

Nice gold Gerry....

The other day I decided to play with the normal/difficult setting on the 6 (always ran difficult previous) and almost thought machine ran smoother in normal but too early to tell as I haven't used it for any real length of time?  I came to no conclusion one way or the other what little I tried?  My trying the difficult/normal was to try and settle the machine down more. So thanks for bringing up the soil pocket info...I'll keep that in mind on future hunts with the 6 and test it more on some actual targets.  I don't have a ton of time on the 6 so far but 39 gold pieces, lots of real small crap at impressive depths for the size and a 1.7g nugg at 12".

So far biggest bitch I have is is air traffic and truck traffic EMI that seems worse in the morning but eventually the machine seems to settle down....

Anybody else have opinions on the difficult/normal modes...????

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Good to see you out and about looking for gold Gerry and getting some big sales to go with it.

I'm seeing a few reports whereby people say the 6000 is finding gold the 7000 is completely missing, I'm going to have to get a 6000 to see if that is the case for me too.  I have plenty of small gold areas that are well hunted out with the 7000 and various coils, it'll be interesting if any more pops out. If there is one thing I've learnt is I can go over the same ground so many times and still sqeak a few more out, no matter how done I think it is, perhaps that's a reflection on me not detecting the area as well as I think I have 🙂

I'd rather wait a few months for a newer batch and hope some of the issues like the speaker EMI are quietly fixed in the background as I would most certainly be a speaker user.  I wouldn't be surprised if the shaft is improved at some point too as that would be an easier fix.  

Early CTX models had bugs fixed on the fly like the curving screens and the early ones were prone to getting the tearing lines on the screens too which more recent ones don't seem to get due to a screen brand/model replacement, they don't recall them they just hope as few as possible fail within warranty.    You'd think the later Equinox would have the leaking problems fixed that early ones were prone to, and obviously they fixed the wobbly shaft us early adopters all had on our Nox a few months after it was released for new buyers.  The GM1000 even had a firmware update that speeds up the ground balance, early adopters once again missed out as Minelab were not willing to pay the service agents for their time to upgrade our older ones with the new firmware instead telling us we can't have the new firmware.

It's long been said to wait a while after a detector is released to get one if you can so issues discovered after release can be resolved, and for me that seems logical in this case with a few possible obvious problems upon release, hopefully by the time I'm ready to move on one there will be aftermarket coils so I can have my small coil 🙂  I have a funny feeling there will be! 🙂

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Good report Gerry, I will be going to some of the Northern, Western states in the warmer months to detect for gold as soon as this darn covid has subsided somewhat. I have a medical issue that requires me to be extra careful. Fuel prices have put a bit of a damper on long distance travel for now, sure hope prices really do come down soon, but will not hold my breath. Will tent camp instead of hauling my 38 ft. toy hauler around for now. Me and my buddy, Perry still enjoy tent camping. I have a 6000 now and will get out in September to give it a go. What a great site for commutating to the really good folks that chose to share life experiences here, all I can say is thanks.  

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Great feel-good post, Gerry! Congratulations to all three on some nice nuggets found. And so very thoughtful of you to think up those fictitious names to keep things on the down-low. 😀

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Thank you Gerry for the report that you have expertly written again.

You found some nice gold as you were learning the unit and made another sale.

Can't wait to read part 2 of this adventure.

Good luck hunting out there.

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Great report and very entertaining, thanks Gerry. IMO, the 6 is like a PI Gold Monster with an astounding signal response for fast timing gold. Re 7 misses targets, this will highly depend on how you run the 7. In high HY/Normal/smooting off and NF-Zsearch mounted (gain >10) the signal response comes pretty close to that of the 6 IMHO, without giving up the depth advantage that the 7 is having. But of course, the 6 shines for many reasons and is my to go detector any day. Probably the best all around detector ML ever made.


PS: On the 7 there is a much bigger difference between normal and difficult than on the 6, at least from my experience thus far


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On 8/13/2021 at 1:16 AM, Lunk said:

So very thoughtful of you to think up those fictitious names to keep things on the down-low. 😀

Wow, it's a small world.  I once had a (not so serious) hypothesis that my brain only had room for about 200 faces and once I filled it up, every new person I met looked like one of the 200.  Another datapoint in the confirmation category now since that 'Brian' (not his real name 😕) guy sure looks like someone I met at one of your (Gerry, Lunk, and friends) field training classes.  And, what a coincidence, his name was 'Brian'!  In fact, another rare coincidence, he looks like a poster here, and that guy is from South Dakota.

Another nice writeup, Gerry.  My only criticism (call it a jab/needle) is that I don't feel too sorry for you having to drive 1000 miles for gold.  I drove twice that far to take your class (and, full disclosure, it was worth it).

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