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Quick Northern Nevada Trip

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NIce finds on a patch that has been beaten so much in the past.

Can't wait to see how you do on a new patch of ground.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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I was waiting to hear your report Peg as I knew you would not sugar coat anything. 

Your report reminds me about a 3 day weekend date with a stranger.  At first, you are at odds of the situation, the conversation and the nagging sounds and realize it's not what you normally expect.  But the nice firm buttocks you keep checking out is a winner so you advance to a 2nd date.  Day 2 you are finding a few things in common and think there's actually some hope as you see the potential and are realizing some chemistry is there.  By day #3 you are much more relaxed with the date, starting to have a little fun, flirting a flash here and there and willing to let your hair down.  That last day you are most comfortable with the situation, know how to push the buttons and getting used to the response.  At the end your efforts are rewarded for putting in the time of 3 days on a trip, which allows you the prize of more gold nuggets.  Nice to see you add 9 more N NV nuggets to your collection, but what's most important is the learning and acceptance of a new date/swing/detector and the benefits of it.

Yes to you and the rest of the folks who know their 7000's, there is a learning curve to the GPX-6000 as you said it right "memory" of swinging a 7 and not having a harness, not knowing where the sound is coming from, no swing arm.  I personally used the speaker of the 6000 on my trip and never did use the headphones. 

Sorry to hear you two had problems with the Aventree Torus speaker system as I was thinking of getting it, but might wait a little longer, as said I used the speaker on the 6000 for my trip.

Those nuggets are certainly some unique odd shaped pieces of gold and I suspect that's what we'll be seeing coming from those N NV patches we've been working for the last 25 yrs.  Guess the solid ones (easy to hear) have mostly been removed from old technology.

Were you two able to do any comparisons on the undug targets with the 6 vs 7?  I know it takes extra time and effort so that's usually why so many people don't.

PS.  I think you found the little brother to one of mine I recovered in MX.  In your pic the 2nd one down on the left side looks really similar but pointing right.  The one I recovered looks like a brother, but swings left.  Funny how we pick out some of the most bizarre shapes and imaginations of our gold.

Well done.




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