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3 Little Tiddlers With The GPZ

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  • phrunt changed the title to 3 Little Tiddlers With The GPZ

Thanks for the videos and glad you found some gold.

Hope you have more luck on your next hunt.

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Yea, I'm just glad I got any, this spot prior to getting a GPZ was my nemesis, I'd only ever found a couple of nugget there in a year or so of regular detecting with my previous detectors.  The extra depth the GPZ can achieve on these smaller bits can bring old ground to life, and obviously some bits are just raw hard work digging through the abundance of shotgun pellets 🙂

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Great post Phrunt, especially the 'start to finish' video.. it's also always nice to see where other people are prospecting.. despite the shotgun pellets you're a lucky man to be where you are..  

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    • By NvAuMiner
      Is there or has there been any comparison testing done in the field on depth with the 6000 vs the 7000 using the NF 12" Z-search coil.
      Thanks . . .
    • By NvAuMiner
      Is there or has there been any comparison testing done in the field on depth with the 6000 vs the 7000 using the NF 12" Z-search coil.
      Thanks . . .
    • By Coiltek
      Hey All - I can confirm we will definitely be making coils and release will be in first half of 2022.
      Coiltek Quality - Fully Minelab Approved and no need to break a coil to make a coil.
      We will be releasing more info on this in the coming months.
      Stay safe everyone.
    • By phrunt
      I was pretty excited about this one so I couldn't resist posting the video of it, it's a 12x6" prototype test coil being used on the GPX 6000 to find gold, it found 3 bits on it's first run.  This was one of my favourite coils on the older model GPX and if I end up with the new GPX it will be a size I'd have to have.  It's long sensitive nose was great getting up between the rocks I regularly hunt in.  This is purely for information for those interested in following the progress of the coils.
      These coils are not being sold by them yet, it's in a testing stage and they will require an adapter which involves removing a chip from the original coil.

      You'll see in the photo the adapter inline on the coil cable which has the chip in it that was removed from the standard mono coil.
      And the video
      The 3 bits of gold found while testing it.

      The one to the left was the one found in the video.
    • By phrunt
      Here is a video of the GPX 6000 running a 15x10" X-coil, a test over a little nugget.
    • By phrunt
      I change coils more than most, in fact I've changed coils 10 times in a day when testing out various coils on bits of gold, by doing this I'd caused myself some lower shaft wobble, it turns out I'd cracked part of a clip on the shaft, the clip with the little rubber pad had a crack in it, so the shaft wasn't holding on tight.  I suspect the people that had upper shaft issues where it wobbles a bit have either got the same crack on the pressure pad or they've just worn the little bit of rubber out.  Fortunately it's a very easy and cheap fix.
      Here are the part numbers for the clip mechanism
      X2 8008-0056 Pressure blocks
      X1 8008-0072 Camlock lever
      X1 4308-0033 Pin
      The part I'd broken was the pressure blocks.  They come in a twin pack for replacement and are very easy to replace.

      You dismantle the clip by removing the pin, I used a small screw driver to push it out of the clip.  You then just use a small flat head screw driver to lever them off, pushing each side of the pressure block away from the camlock lever as pictured below.

      This is the shaft with the clip removed.  You can see the grooves cut out of it where the pressure pads need to slide into so when reassembling made sure they're straight so they fit into the groove.

      You can see the little circular lump on the left hand side pressure pad, it's what goes into that dug out groove.

      This is how the rubber pads look, I guess they can wear out over time and if they do your shaft would be wobbly.

      Minelab sell all the parts individually, so you can just order what you need for the repair.  They were very helpful with me, and had me solved by the next day using express shipping.  I bought a heap of the little parts so I have spares seeing I change coils so often.
      In my case I just needed the pressure blocks, the pin and camlock lever were obviously fine.
      So if anyone's putting up with some shaft wobble, it's cheap and simple to fix.
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