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Hey man , THANK YOU ALL ! I REALLY appreciate the time and effort to help me out with yalls knowledge that hopefully I’ll soon have I’m learning, learned a lot ( thanks to minelab’s simple and easy to understand instructions ! ) in the past couple days ! THAT SAID , I made a choice and acted on it and picked up my new NOX 800 ! See there I’m already talking like a minelab specialist ! LOLOL . I’m working right now on a great test field to really have a lot of examples! So I’m going to finish that and take my mental nots on sounds then discriminate just a little THEN IM HITTING THE LOCAL FAIR GROUNDS in which we just had our fair so maybe I can go find some lost gold ! I’ll keep y’all posted and maybe a couple videos IF I feel like making a fool of myself as I’m not one to do the whole video Facebook stuff I think it’s silly as much crap that’s on there but each their own and I have no problems with it as long as a good man keeps striving to be a good man ! ( or girl LOL ) . Thank again y’all ide hang around but I gotta go do some testing and some careful discrimination ! Later , talk to y’all tonight or tomorrow! 

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Hi Pinger. The Nox 800 covers a lot of avenues & does a lot & has a lot of features for the price it is. Water proof to 3 meters. You just need to get the water proof headphones if you get the urge to go below water. Best bang for buck detector I reckon.



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Great choice Pinger,

  And congrats on the new detector!

   As you saw in my post yesterday, I don't necessarily like to give a cookie cutter "one" choice to anyone seeking advice on a new detector ! There are many fine units to be had, and it can be highly individualized, based on the intended uses! That's why we ask questions of you!

   The good thing is, if you feel you don't mesh with the Nox, you won't loose much selling it!

   That being said, take the time to learn it, and you will be rewarded! Like anything else, there is a learning curve, and nothing worthwhile is always easy!

   Most of all, be safe, legal, enjoy, and have fun! And don't forget to share you finds and stories with us!!🍀👍👍

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Cool !

Ya got it !🤞

Sorry 'bout callin" yer Fisher a Garrett , I didn't mean to but my brain doesn't like working in the heat ! LOL

Good luck cleaning up after that fair !

Your NOX is waiting.....


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