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Jewelry Detecting

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My motto is swing what you want to swing.  The beauty of metal detecting is you don't know what you missed so you can't be upset by it, it's only when you find out what you've missed you want to upgrade 🙂

The Equinox has proven itself to many now and it's true beauty is it's a real multi purpose detector, one detector that can do so many things and do them well.    It isn't the absolute best at them all, but it's not far off it and if you were only going to have one detector to use, it's a very sensible choice.

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Old thread I missed here and a good one. I have found gold on all my machines including earings and chains. The problem I have more is being able to pick a piece of gold out of high aluminum trash and believe no detector is the silver bullet in that area. Jewelry especially on land is often mixed in where there is high human activity and where there is high human activity there is high trash.

With that being said, a machine with a smaller coil, mid to high frequency (15khz+), quick recovery and if possible a simple notch discrimination to knock out a common target in the area. I have found for instance a particular aluminum tab will be similar in an area where people gather so being able to knock out just that tab in that area is a big help. Of course any discrimination you risk loosing good targets but also running a gold machine like the Gold Bug or Gold Racer in high trash areas will be exhausting to pick through. A dd coil will have better target separation than a concentric.

So to suggest a Nox you may want to also suggest the 5x10 or 6" coil as well.

Smallest bit of jewelry I found was 10k earing hook at .06g with the Gold Racer and that didn't sound big at all, boarded just above the iron break and I had the coil scuffing the ground. More luck than anything.

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6 hours ago, PPP said:

I have the Equinox 600 and love it.The point is that you have to dig out one million pull tabs and junk in the park to find gold anyway.Beaches is something else,a bit easier to find gold.

If you have a descent notch system you can snipe out particular pull tabs or at least make their tone break up. When jewelry hunting I pay more attention to signals that sound more like foil or have the softer roll tone. Some machines are better at that than others. Can slaw is where it gets tough for me but often that is in patches.

In general I have found that chains are really tough, often like foil with dodgy signals depending if they are strung out or balled up. Small earings range from foil to below nickels. Small and thin rings are at or below nickels. Wedding bands often above nickels. Class rings up with ring pull tabs. Platinum seems to have a stronger signal than gold but I only found one plat ring and it was fairly large and came in above nickels.

Higher k value will be higher on the machine but not always. Thin 10k rings can be in the foil range. Rings in general will have consistant numbers on the VDI but may have different ranges depending on orientation, ie one direction the last ring i found range in at 47-48 and another direction it was 48-50 but importantly the numbers were repeatable.

Trick for me when hunting in trashy areas it to isolate the target before I even begin to start watching the display. I want to make sure I am dead on that target and no other targets are being picked up.

Does seem like your close to the million pull tab per ring at least it sure feels like that at times :)

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On 8/18/2021 at 2:27 PM, Gerry in Idaho said:

Now to be honest most folks are not good enough to find a gold stud but a gold ring is actually pretty easy

I think the Nox has changed that, I've not found a gold stud in 6 years now, that's just about how long they have been out. The Nox has helped everyone of my friends who use them, now as far as gold rings being pretty easy, must be the location for everyone of them have been complaining about there gold ring count for years. I am not a Nox lover but anyone asking me where to start.. I'm going to tell them the Nox.

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    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Out with my buddy Mike in rough waters the other day. Eight silvers and One Old gold marked ... "Sept 29-99" Silvers in bad condition due to being submersed in the bay for many years.
      Being able to hunt "IN" rough water with a silent running machine allowed me to pull very faints targets normally not heard unless the water is flat.
      Conditions were 16 to 18 mph winds, choppy water. No falsing while swinging and no noise with the water slapping the machine at any level.
      I did notice after a few hours hunting I was getting a little noise at the end of my swing (right).. but realized it was from me getting sloppy with my swing. 
      Coil control can really affect the performance.
      Mike and I over the years have talked and shared ideas on how to improve the xcal ........... this idea finally came to light...Stealth Xcalibur
      More changes are planned, working on another coil for it right now.

    • By Pinger
      How y’all doing? I appreciate you working with me and I know this question is going to start a frenzy or the opposite in reaction of here we go again probably but I gotta ask - 
      -I been detecting for several years but haven’t got as serious as I’m about to ! 
      - I’ll be hunting in Kentucky dirt and around the natural lake beach’s in like creek sand not beach sand ( locals call them beach’s but it’s just creek sand in abundance by the lake shore for people to swim and dream of the real beach LOL. 
      - I plan on spending around 6-800$ give or take a little.
      - what’s the best detector I can buy to concentrate on lost gold and silver jewelry….. if I have to pick one let it be gold . I want to concentrate on finding lost gold jewelry. Period. If there are other coin snd relic options on it then I’ll use them probably but I stress gold jewelry lost in the Kentucky ground. Can we decide on one that’s best for that ? Again thank you very much I appreciate yalls time and I will be an avid member for videos and stories. Just saying your comments are taken seriously. Thanks again 

    • By Joe D.
      As many of you know, we have been having some good tide swings for the Summer Solstice full moon! Also called a "strawberry moon" here!  I went out to one of the renurishment beaches to look for some good sand loss! This particular beach has a limestone shore that "they" feel the need to cover with unnatural "beach" sand, for the "skin roasting" tourist traffic! The ironic thing is, most tourists come to explore the craggy limestone beach!🤯  Luckily for everybody, the sand mostly disappears fast on the lower beach! That, coupled with the extra low tides, makes for fun for most everyone!
         It's always a tough choice to pick one or two spots to hunt in such a limited timespan! I was hoping to get some old silver, or jewelry from this area with my limited time! But forgot my all important screwdriver, for prying out the older targets from the limestone cracks! I improvised  with what I had, but it increased my recovery time, as i was having to pry most of my targets free with a piece of aluminum junk I found!
         I did not find any silver or jewelry this time, but I did find a nice bronze spike, stuck under a ledge, that had to be worked out of it's sand and shell wedged cubby hole! And some more modern coins that were practically grown into the cracks! Sorta reminds me of how some of you all recover nuggets in a river or stream area! Gotta have the right tools, or it's near impossible!
         Anyway, if fishing lead were gold nuggets, I'd be doing a seriously silly happy dance! But as is reality, I'll just add the 15-20 ounces to my lead bucket for other uses! Some had been lodged in the rocks a long time!
         My best find was that spike! As I've never found one in that area! Also a few small pieces of copper sheathing! So the source may someday give up something more precious!👍👍
       ***Note to self,😵 and others: Never use your scoop as a prying tool, or a hammer!🤬  I broke the handle, although not fully; so I was very careful for the rest of the hunt! If I didn't already have a replacement at home, I would get one of Steve G's carbon fiber ones! Well; next one!!😁



    • By Againstmywill
      Was out to a local park for a couple hours toward evening today in the FL heat and humidity. This silver pendant rang in as a 22-23 on the Equinox using Park 1, 50 tones, 17 sensitivity, all metal, using the 15" coil. I had high hopes when I also got a "golden" ring than was a solid 20. Sadly, all that glitters is not gold.☹️ Cleaned up lots of aluminum bits so I won't have to dig them next time!

    • By Againstmywill
      I'm visiting family and went to a middle school track today where I found a 14k tiger pendant last year. Within the first 10 minutes there was a strong 11 on the Equinox. I didn't really have to dig because the ring was only down about 1/2" due to not sinking into the ground because the blacktop track was under the grass right at the edge of the inside lane. Didn't find much else besides coins after that. Might anyone have an idea what the stones might be? 

    • By Againstmywill
      Was detecting today around a pond that is used by many people. I had one hour, and the 15" on the Equinox was flying. I hit a strong 35-36 which caused my legs to lock up and reverse to make sure of the initial sound. Decided to dig it because it was not indicating it was big when I raised the coil. It was dark enough that I thought it was a silver ring until I got home. I've considered trying to make one of these, and this might be the impetus.

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