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Gold Mining Underwater, Offshore

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Gold mining underwater, offshore

I have a dream πŸ™‚

I want to build an underwater vehicle for gold mining (washing) underwater, in the coastal area of Alaska and other places.

Background: I am a former Submarine Engineer, mechanical and electrical specialist (+ electronics).

I really liked the series on the Discovery Channel, about how gold is mined from the bottom of the sea in Nome (Alaska). I am impressed with the courage of these people. But ... I see that already now they have problems with mining gold from a depth of more than 5 meters.

The shelf area (underwater part) extends much further than those small areas that are now being developed near Nome.

To work in bad weather on the surface of the sea, and not to depend on it, you need to have an underwater manned vehicle on a caterpillar track, with a dredge and a flushing chute. This will allow you to work autonomously, for several days underwater, mining gold.

In my opinion (thoughts) it should be a submarine with tracked engines, ballast tanks, which can independently float on the sea surface and sink to the bottom for work.

I can design, calculate, and build this. I need money for this, and a few assistants who can work with their hands πŸ™‚ Extraction of gold and minerals from the bottom of the sea is my old dream ... And I know how to make a submarine without spending millions of dollars πŸ™‚

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Remote control will devalue (kill) the whole idea.

Remote control implies the presence of a ship on the surface of the sea, a long cable. In case of excitement and storm, the ship will not be able to work, because it will not be able to stay in one place.

Only an underwater manned vehicle for 1-2 people with air and electricity autonomy for 2-3 days makes sense.

No windows, just TV cameras.

In fact, this is an underwater excavator + dredge in one device. Turbidity and sludge will not interfere with operation if the cameras are at the end of the loader bucket. Minimum automation of left-right movement for suction is pulled. I thought of everything for a long time πŸ™‚


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