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GPX 6000 On Small, Porous Gold

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Very nice hunting and I will be lucky to find anything like it. I need to learn my detector more when I am able to and learn the tones much better.

Good luck on your next hunt.

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Yes that's certainly some rough looking gold.  Your description of "focus of detector and operator" is exactly what it takes to still find more targets from those heavily worked areas.  Did you notice any difference when going from NORMAL to DIFFICULT on the signals before you dug?  So far I have not missed hearing a true target when comparing, so far.

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So, seems to be the truth. I had passed over this area before using only the GM 1000 and had nothing to show for it.

I’m right there with you in trying discern the differences between the normal and difficult modes. As of yet, I haven’t been able to decide what differences the modes make on these targets. Hopefully, it will become apparent with more flight time. 

Simply based on history with the GPZ, I’ve been trying to keep it in normal, as much as possible, but as of yet I can’t tell. 

There are other things I have noticed, but it seems variable as to when they occur. At times, it has been a little less sensitive to EMI when in difficult mode. But, what really shocked me was when on this recent excursion and passing from exposed bedrock to silty overburden, switching to normal mode significantly calmed the threshold. It had me scratching my head with how striking it was. Coincidentally, afterwards I read JP speaking of the same thing in another thread.

I’m all ears if someone else is noticing a pattern with the modes on targets.

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    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Hopefully this link works.  Was said found using a dredge and he spotted it.
    • By Slimpickuns
      Had another good month hunting the low tide wet sand slopes at a few local beaches. Some large surf eroded out a few areas, lots of black sand and lots of targets! Spent half the time in "All-Metal" and half in "Tone Mode".  For me, tone mode comes in very handy when weeding out those annoying pesky tent stakes when there is an abundance of them on the beach. I ran stock settings for tone mode and it worked out great at one of the beaches I was working that was littered with tent stakes!  The find of the month was a nice 14k LeVian ring, the surprise find of the month was another gold tooth crown, which makes my 3rd for the year! Acid tested it and confirmed it's 18k. I see Compass found one recently too. You would think the cremation process would completely melt the crowns into blobs, I guess the heat doesn't reach that point? Anyway it was a fun month. I went out recently after the oil spill for a night time negative low tide hunt, beaches were pretty sanded in unfortunately. I did encounter some tar blobs on the beach, but I always wear muck boots when hunting the wet sand anyway so I had no issues with oil on my feet. I was surprised to see a surfer out in the night time waters and also someone walking their dog on the shore..
      So totals for the month were:
      10k - 2.1 grams
      14k - 15.7 grams
      18k Dental Gold - 4.1 grams
      925 - 3.65 oz
      Thanks for looking, GL & HH out there!

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      Video on it's way soon, I promise.

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      Just sharing an appealing little alluvial worn twinned crystalline nuggie i detected today. (3.6 grams NSW Australia. 7000 with the NF coil)

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      A friend is here helping me while I recover from arm surgery…  I’m running the Kubota and we’re pushing in my front yard… within 100’ of my front door.  Well done Mark…


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