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Baja Prospecting Adventure


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It's only gold ...

I have some friends here who want to take me back to their Mexican homes and search around the houses.  They know lots of things are buried.

I don't know if I would make it back from that trip.

Be careful and leave directions to your patches before you go back again!


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First went to Baja in 1968 before the transpeninsula highway.  1000 miles of bad road both ways if you went all the way down. Today is cushy to then. In the 80s had money in a resort at San Franscito with a Mexican partner until he died and our part was taken away with no reimbursement. You have no rights if they want it it's theirs. Gold south of Bahia De Los Angeles and est of  El Arco. Easy to come up dead, missing, or in jail with a missing key and a cellmate that thinks you are pretty.

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My Mexican buddy at work has photos of dead people on the highway on his cell phone with the Mexican federal police standing there too and other even worse stuff that I declined to view. He invited me to gold hunt down there and says as long as I don't look for trouble I will be ok. No thanks dude....it might be rough at times in USA goldfields but I will take it over Mexican prospecting for sure. Sounds like you need a big bodyguard...altho  a few years ago he gave me a heavy chunk of black rock with green spots like copper, claimed his brother was getting 6 ounces a ton of gold out of this rock but it was all microscopic gold. The rock screams on my MXT out to like 14 inches.

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Living all my life in San Diego, I've been traveling Baja for decades off-roading, camping,  fishing, diving and even some prospecting. Lots of good times and some close calls involving robbery, car accidents, crooked cops and the military. Generally speaking, Mexicans are  welcoming to tourists but foreign prospectors are not considered on the list. Gringos coming into the country and sacking  natural resources will attract the wrong attention and if caught the ramifications severe.

Last year two guys  I know  were down there nugget detecting and were arrested and taken into custody just south of El Rosario (about 300 miles south of San Diego) After spending the night in jail and having no idea what to expect, they were suddenly released and told to leave the country.Everything they had; Jeep Rubicon, (2) GPX5000's, money and miscl. camping gear confiscated. They had the cloths on their backs  given their passports  and THAT'S IT! After walking several hours they were able to catch a ride  with some fisherman headed back to LA.

I talked to one of them on the phone  after the event and the guy was still shook up. He and his partner had been going to Mexico and Baja prospecting for several years(and finding good gold) without issue when their luck suddenly ran out. Even though much was lost, he knows that things could have been a lot  worse. These two guys consider their prospecting days in Baja over.

Some words of advise to anyone thinking of a prospecting adventure into Mexico; Be prepared, consider all risks / ramifications and don't bring anything down there you can't afford to loose.

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